Designing Your Creative Destiny

Have you ever bombed your audition, job interview or even a date? If so, you know it feels awful. In this newsletter, I’m sharing three simple steps that can help you shine during interviews, auditions and more. First, a question. Which arrives to your interview first, your thoughts and feelings or your body?

The answer: Your thoughts and feelings always arrive first! For example, if you’re worried about an important meeting, your worrisome energy arrives first to the meeting location because thoughts and feelings do not operate in linear time. The longer you worry, the more your worried energy piles up on top of itself, over and over again and again, then waits for your body to arrive to the meeting. When you walk into the meeting room all of your previously flowed worry dumps itself right into your lap. WTH!

It’s normal to be a little nervous before a meeting, but it’s important to get out of your own way too. When you send happy energy forth to an interview, all of that happy-energy waits to lift you up and inspire you when you walk in the door. To consciously send good energy forward, consider my 3-Step Audition Formula.

  • STEP 1: Pure intentions can nail your audition
  • STEP 2: Come from the heart and win the part
  • STEP 3: TAG happy times, release your shine


STEP ONE is choosing pure intentions. Think of intentions as pure energy you’re using to pre-pave a better outcome, an outcome you strongly want. A feel-good intention, (also known as meaning, purpose or a goal) has direction and power. Intentions, like thoughts are invisible. In order to bring effective intentions to life, we have to infuse positive emotions into them. Think of it as thoughts + feelings = reality.


STEP TWO is about using your heart to win the part. Thoughts are lifeless and soul-less, which is why we need to infuse emotional life into them. Our feelings always animate the thoughts we think. Think of these thoughts and feelings as invisible magnetic signals the Universe uses as our point of attraction. Simply stated, when we feel good, we attract good. When we feel bad, we attract bad.

We can have a million different thoughts, but they’re all lifeless unless we emotionally charge them up with pure feelings. These emotionally charged thoughts radiate from within us. The longer we direct our good feeling thoughts, the faster the universe can deliver good feeling circumstances, situations and events into our daily lives.

I believe the greatest animating force for our thoughts is our heart-mind. I am not referring to our physical hearts. I am speaking about our invisible, universal-hearts. We had heart-minds before we incarnated. We had thoughts, feelings, and frequencies too. We were essentially soul’s living in light before we incarnated. The good news is, we brought our soul’s highest, most unconditional gifts with us. In spirit, we were pure focused frequencies interacting with other light beings within other dimensions. There was no resistance, only pure, positive energy.


STEP THREE is, TAG happy times. T-A-G stands for Thanksgiving, Appreciation, and Gratitude. I’m a firm believer that writing down what we appreciate activates our soul’s attributes. It’s best to write long hand. Writing out what we’re grateful for adds pure Life Force Energy to our once, lifeless thoughts. The happier we are, the brighter our inner light shines. Remember, light and love are the same thing. Light, like love, is a living consciousness.

More often than not, people whine, bitch and complain about their daily lives. These complaints are usually about unimportant things. When we habitually complain, or have endless bouts of whine-iarrhea™, we shut down our hearts.

More importantly, when we complain, the universe brings us more things to whine, bitch, and moan about. Not only does this behavior feel bad, there is no pure intention in it, no real direction, no sincere feelings, and absolutely no genuine heartfelt energy. Worse yet, whine-iarrhea™ cuts us off from our heart, our soul, and from our inner guidance system.


Designing your destiny is easy, especially as you practice the basic law of attraction principles mentioned earlier. You know your energy arrives to your destinations first, long before your body. Your energy is invisible and visible (at the same time) and you now have a new way to consciously direct it with your focused feelings. It is your feel-good emotions that animate your thoughts. This animated energy is a powerful magnet the Universe uses as your point of attraction every second, every minute, and every hour, forever.

Napoleon Hill said, “You are the master of your destiny. You can influence, direct, and control your own environment. You can make your life what you want it to be.” From here forward, use these reminders to deliberately create the best audition, screen test, or job interviews. In essence, the better you feel the better your life becomes, and thinking good thoughts with feel good emotions is easier than ever with steps 1, 2, and 3!

On that note, until we meet again remember to keep your thoughts, feelings and frequencies high, fast and pure so that you can Unlock the Universe Within!

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