where are you swimming

Where are You Swimming?

I was ten-years-old when our family made the four-hour drive to vacation at the beach in North Carolina. We’d been in our hotel room only minutes when Momma finally allowed my brothers and me to go swimming, but only under lifeguard supervision. Between our hotel room and the beach my brothers and I stumbled upon a murky lagoon behind the hotel, complete with a five-foot long steal water pipe jetting six feet above the sand bank and shooting water into the large pond below. We had struck gold!

For an hour, my brothers and I plunged and submerged our bodies in the warm cloudy water until a cranky old guy walked up, his face expressing shock. He looked at the brownish water then back at us and barked “Why are you idiots swimming in that cesspool?” Pointing at the beach he said, “There’s 40 million square miles of ocean right there and you boys are swimming in this nasty s—t?”

He staggered away glancing over his shoulder at us mumbling. When he was out of sight, my brothers and I ran from our liquid manure pond, across the beach and into the Atlantic Ocean to wash away our new-found rashes, pink-eye and humiliation.

Today I see the lesson in that stinky childhood mishap. Given a choice between a cesspool or the Atlantic Ocean, I obviously prefer the Atlantic. I do the same when choosing my thoughts. Instead of focusing on negativity, I choose uplifting thoughts to swim in.


There are two sides to every coin. For every joyous thought there is sadness. For every wrong, there’s a right. For every ocean, there’s a septic tank. All thought has perfect duality. Every thought we think gives birth to our inner feeling frequencies, which creates our daily reality.

Dr. Joseph Murphy said, “Thoughts activate emotion and emotions can kill or they can cure.” The thoughts we choose are either working for us or against us. We are the masters of our thoughts. We choose them. We focus on them and we are affected by them.

Make choosing higher thoughts a habitual ritual. Yes, we think negative thoughts out of habit. So, we learned a few cesspool thoughts in the past. We can just as easily choose to focus on healthier thoughts today. Our first priority is to get into the habit of thinking, acting upon, and speaking about each subject from a space of greater awareness.

Have fun “playing attention” to the happier side of every person, place, circumstance and situation you encounter. Make “playing attention” your new habit. Practice it minute-by-minute. At the top of the hour do what I call, a WIN-ventory. Review the high points. Recall the good things. Refresh your mind with each win you create and write down these wins.

Just-in-case you accidentally dive into “cesspool thoughts,” simply remember my brazen Earth Angel when I was ten years old and ask yourself, “Why am I swimming in s–t thoughts?” Instead of beating yourself up. Stop. Take a beat. Play attention. Take a WIN-ventory.

I’ll leave you with a great reminder from Pierre DuMoulin via social media,

Negative Thought:    I believed it so deeply it became real.
Positive Thought:      I believed it so deeply it became real.
Your Choice.

And until we meet again, remember to keep your thoughts, feelings and frequencies high, fast and pure so that you can Unlock the Universe Within.

With Appreciation Always,


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