What is Wrong with You?


As a kid I watched, “The Poseidon Adventure” and intently studied each scene as glamorous passengers in evening wear celebrated New Year’s Eve aboard a luxury cruise liner. The clock struck midnight. Celebratory cheers rang out across the massive ballroom. Live music played. Balloons floated among singing passengers while streamers and confetti dusted the heads and shoulders of everyone happily gathered.

Seconds later, the Poseidon was broad sided by a tidal wave, leaving it floating upside-down beneath the ocean’s surface.

Stunned, disoriented passengers crawled from beneath mountains of wreckage, desperately clinging to anything to feel safe.

Passengers looked to authorities to make things ‘right again.’ But the solace they sought did not come from the purser or Captain, it came from Frank Scott, a passenger and outcast.

With kin instinct, Frank quickly determined the only escape route was upwards, near the ship’s propeller which is high above the ocean’s surface. Realizing the ship would be sinking, he remained focused and calm. Frank tried guiding the survivors to safety, but the Captain told passengers to stay put.

Obediently, the majority listened.
Out of thousands of passengers and crew members, only ten people joined Frank that night. Together, the rag-tag group climbed high above the upside-down ballroom to start their journey to be rescued. Once each person was safely nestled above the ballroom Frank looked down at the massive crowd, offering the remaining passengers one more chance to join him. Scared and afraid, they looked around the ballroom at each other and decided to do as the Captain had directed.

Seconds later, a huge explosion caused seawater to flood the massive chambers below, drowning the other passengers and causing the ship to sink further.


Jaye Son Shield said, “Everything the establishment has told you is wrong with you, is actually what’s right with you. You see things others don’t, you are hard-wired to change the world, unlike 9 out of 10 people, your mind is irrepressible, and this threatens authority. You were born to be revolutionary. You can’t stand rules because in your heart you know there’s a better way.”

What’s right with you is, your innate intuition. Some people call it the inner guidance system, and others call it, your inner light. In short, it’s your soul’s intuitive light speaking through you. Note to self: Following your inner guidance system always feels right regardless of what others are doing and saying around you.

When you’re in alignment with your inner guidance you sense things others can’t This awareness separates you from the crowd. When you’re in harmony with this energy, your heart becomes the authority, hard-wiring your inner light to positively lead you and others to higher ground. 


During their journey to be rescued, Frank Scott consciously included everyone in the tiny group of misfits. From the youngest to the eldest, he thoughtfully delegated to each person’s unique strengths. No one was too weak. No one was too old. Everyone was included, each person in the rag-tag group participated in their joint trek for survival.

On a metaphysical level, you could hypothesize that the light in Frank inspired him to see a different perspective than others. Via his inner guidance system, he took charge. Remember, when you’re in alignment with your inner guidance, otherworldly forces separate you from the crowd and your heart becomes the authority, hard-wiring your light to guide you and others to higher ground.

With each trying obstacle, every explosion and despite losing members of the tiny group, each person with Frank took his lead, steadied themselves and stayed the course. Yes, there were fights and challenges along the way, but the driving force was trusting their light within and being rescued.

You and I are the same in that, you are light. I am light. You are nonphysical. I am nonphysical. You are a physical representation of the Universe, as am I. The light inside you inspires freedom and well-being. The same as me. 
Despite the upside-down ship and other life-threatening circumstances, Frank Scott clicked into his intuition, navigating others to higher ground even when ship’s authorities said otherwise. He did not push against authority. He stood firmly in the confidence of his inner guidance system and trusted his gut instinct.  

His light vibrated bright from within, connecting his heart with others, inspiring them to trust their inner guidance systems as well. It’s true, like attracts like. I think it’s safe to say, all of us are born with our own personal version of the, Frank-Scott-Inner-Guidance-System.

The real question is, “What are you doing with yours?”

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