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Author Lisa Nichols says, “Every thought we send out is equivalent to placing an order with the Universe. When we go to a restaurant and tell the server what we want, we fully expect to receive the exact order we place.” She’s right. At my first job I was a curb boy at the Archdale Soda Shop and I recall asking customers, “Can I take your order please,” never realizing this simple task was my prerequisite to inner-standing how the Law of Attraction works.

It’s funny, because once we place our order in a restaurant we don’t race into the kitchen to spy on the chef as they prepare our meal. Instead we fully expect our meal to arrive at our table matching our desired taste.


If we place an order of broiled salmon and steamed spinach to our server, the same server doesn’t return to our table with a cold dish of fichus leaves and a rusted license plate declaring, “Bon Appetite!” In restaurants, we never tell servers all the foods we don’t like, or announce why we wouldn’t want those negated dishes prepared.

With that said, why do we put more vigor into ordering meals than we put into ordering up the next big win in our lives? If we’re wise enough to order what we do want in restaurants, why would we consistently order what we don’t want in our daily lives?


In a recent workshop I tested this analogy by asking a hundred participants, “If you could place an order for the perfect creative career, what would you choose?” The answers were, “I don’t want to be overworked,” “I don’t want to be a starving artist,” and “I don’t want to work for ungrateful people.”

Their answers were habitual, “don’t want” responses based on years of preexisting beliefs, or negative mind-menus. Each attendee had conditioned themselves to talk about the “lack-of” instead of the deliciousness of having their desires fulfilled. In other words, they habitually kept telling the Universe what they did not want, instead of what they did want.


Let’s revisit the question, “If you could place an order for the perfect creative career, what would you choose?”

Before answering, drop down into your heart. Take three deep breaths. Slowly release each breath. Listen closely to your heart. Now, feel your heart’s response to the question. From your heart’s perspective your new answers will feel more inspired, less habitual and might sound more like, “I enjoy being appreciated for doing great work,” “I like it best when I’m attuned to my creative energy,” and “I love being around kind people that inspire me.”

Every so often we need to take our time and really enjoy looking over life’s menu. There are so many excellent choices. When we are relaxed we are more likely to order something new and exciting on the menu instead of falling back into the habit of ordering the same dish over and over.

It’s fun exploring the unlimited possibilities life has to offer. Plus, it’s good to try unfamiliar dishes that feel happiest to us in the moment. This is an easy way to drop old habits, consistently expand our palates and elevate our conscious awareness.


The Universe is eternally serving us exactly what we are in harmony with. If we are habitually vibrating negativity, the Universe sends us perfect matches to that vibration. And if we are habitually vibrating positivity, the Universe sends us perfect matches to that vibration as well.

The Law of Attraction is straightforward. Place your order, stay out of the kitchen, stop harassing the chef, let the staff do their jobs and allow the Cosmos Café to deliver your heart’s desire on a silver platter. On that note, Bon Appetite!

And until we meet again keep your thoughts, feelings and frequencies high, fast and pure as you can, so that you can Unlock the Universe Within.

With Love Always,


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