Fixin' the BIG BUT Syndrome

Are you a victim of America’s real crack problem?

Every second millions of people are infected with the Big But Syndrome and every minute another million people’s dreams are riddled with negativity and extinguished.

Are you one of the hardworking people desperately attempting to make your dreams a reality, BUT you can’t seem to get where you want to go? Have you ever wondered who, and what’s keeping you stuck, in the rut, of the BIG BUT.

A Southern Psychic’s Guide to Fixin’ The BIG BUT Syndrome answers these questions and more, while providing light, fun, and practical new ways to kick your own BUT and enhance your love, money, and career.


How to Get Your Travel Freq On!

While Engaging Your Heart, Mind and Soul
Which arrives to your travel destination first: your thoughts and feelings about your trip, or your body?

The answer: Your thoughts and feelings always arrive at your destination, long before you get out of bed. Whether you’re planning a trip around the world, or just a simple hike near your home, it’s absolutely essential to line up your invisible attributes before you walk out the door.

How to Get Your Travel Freq On helps readers line up their energy in order to manifest happy travel experiences. This workbook/journal is filled with hi-frequency travel tips, personal stories, affirmations, quotes, feeling prompts, and lighthearted exercises that engage you heart, mind, and soul.