Private Consultations

Welcome and thank you for perusing Eddie’s reading page. Because you may be new to psychic phenomenon we’ve answered the most frequently asked questions about your time with Eddie here. Enjoy.

How should I prepare for my session?

Please arrive five-minutes before your scheduled time. Organize your questions beforehand and come in a good emotional and mental space. The better you feel, the bigger and brighter your frequency is. A happy person is a sparkling person.

Because of the large volume of information and the speed in which the psychic predictions come through, we ask that you bring a digital recorder or take notes.

How will my session start?

After you and Eddie meet, you’ll begin your private consultation with a very brief interview to make sure you’re focused and clear on the issues pressing to you. Eddie quickly explains how he receives nonphysical guidance; he’ll set the timer for the appropriate minutes and say a prayer.

After the prayer of intention, calling upon the unconditional love and creative essence of the Universe Eddie then asks for insight to help you easily reach your next level of growth.

Eddie’s spirit guides connect with you on a Soul Level. It is from there that he sees who you are without boundaries and limitations. He is helped to know and describe the unconscious belief systems that no longer serve you while giving predictions and future forecasting about your selected topics.

Eddie uses his full range of intuitive senses to collect information that nonphysical world offers him, in order to assist you.

How do I order a reading and what are the rates?


60 Minute Private Consultation  $300

90 Minute Private Consultation  $400

120 Minute Private Consultation  $450

To book a private session you may:

Contact Eddie’s Los Angeles office
Email and his Associate Erin will get back to you to schedule your appointment.

Order Your “In-Person” or “Phone Consultation”
All appointments with Eddie require a credit card to reserve your spot. Remember to leave your area code, telephone number, time zone, country code and the best time for Soul Awareness and Erin to contact you.

Order Your In-Home Session
Eddie also facilitates in-home sessions, when his schedule permits. For booking details contact Erin to secure your time today.

Standing Office Policy:
Please note: Our Business Policy at Soul Awareness is, an automatic $100.00 cancellation fee will be charged to your credit card if you cancel within 36 hours of your scheduled appointment with Eddie Conner/Soul Awareness.

If you do cancel or reschedule your private appointment with Eddie Conner/ Soul Awareness 36 hours or more before your scheduled appointment, NO Cancellation Fee will be charged to your credit card. Thank You. We appreciate your business.

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