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Greetings Friends—

Welcome to my Pod Cast Compilations page.

In the last few years I’ve been asked to create pod casts for corporate businesses, spiritual magazines and the entertainment industry. I took the challenge, threw out my insecurities and created my first Pod casts.

Because I’m naturally shy it took me awhile to loosen up and relax.

At first, looking in the lens of a camera felt impersonal. I’m a people person and I couldn’t quite get use to the lack of human contact – in the beginning the heart connection wasn’t there for me. The harder I tried to stare into the lens the worse I was.

Lucky for me, I’ve met talented directors and industry angels that patiently guided me. Thus far the best direction I’ve gotten was to relax, be myself and pretend the glass eye I was staring into was my friend.

Now, each time I’m in front of the camera, that’s what I do – I imagine my good friends are on the other side of the lens smiling back at me.

I hope you’ll enjoy these modest vignettes. They’re designed with humor, Actionable Acronyms, Meta-FUN-ics and my favorite Vibratory Vernacular. Though I’m still learning, I appreciate you allowing me to share these insights with you via – the pod cast world.

Each quarter I’ll add new shows and updated descriptions for your viewing pleasure. Until we meet again, remember to keep your thoughts, feelings and frequencies high, fast and pure!

Your Friend,




OVAL Mirror and YES-Ercising


The OVAL Mirror is a powerful metaphor for life. Just as a mirror reflects – the Universe also reflects our thoughts and feelings back to us in physical form 24/7. “OVAL” is an Actionable Acronym meaning to Observe, Vibrate, Attract and Live.


YES-Ercising is about saying, “Yes” to every hi-frequency person, place or situation in our past, present or future. “Yes” means, Your Electromagnetic Soul. Your mind and soul contain electromagnetic energy that the Universe eternally says “Yes” to. Keep fit by YES-ercising in the OVAL Mirror of Life!

ASS-Fault Disease


Accidental Self Sabotage by De-Fault is a real pain in the butt! No kidding. As humans we sabotage nearly every one of our desired-filled thoughts with contradicted beliefs that interfere with our chances for a rich, happy life. When we’re rid of ASS-Fault Disease our dreams can come to us more easily. After all, it’s our ASS and it’s our Fault.


SOUL-ution Oriented Soul


Our Soul is pure positive energy. I call it SOUL-ution oriented energy. The Soul always shows us the desired end result or the solution we need in every area of our lives. This is a fun pod cast reminding us to wear our Soul-Colored Glasses in order to attract the life we want, deserve and desire.

The Big BUT Syndrome


The Big BUT Syndrome is a huge epidemic that keeps us separated from the love, money and career we want. The Universe says, “Yes” to every thought and feeling we have. Most people don’t realize they talk about their desires and negative BUT-Beliefs about those desires in the same thought, feeling or action. When we lose our Big BUTS our dreams began to manifest for us. That’s why it’s important to “Think Outside the BUT.”

AND Avalanching


AND Avalanching is an Actionable Acronym that indicates, Another New Desire. I like implementing the word “And” after accidentally BUT-tradicting my desires with negative beliefs. When you have a Big BUT thought – stop, take a deep breath and put into action three or more “ANDS” to ramp up your frequency. Here’s a light example, “Thanks for perusing my new website …

AND for telling your friends about these pod casts

AND for having a lovely sense of humor

AND for smiling along as you read this!”

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