Pizza, Sweet Tea and Dreamland

Because it’s mandatory that we be at least six feet apart from our family and friends during this taxing pandemic, I have naturally missed my loved ones in spirit world way more than usual. If they were here, I’d have the honor of taking good care of them. 

The truth is, I talk to them every day – just because. It might sound weird, but I sincerely believe my Momma, stepfather and best friend are on the other side watching over me, which brings me comfort. Because of my line of work as an intuitive, I know for sure your loved ones are watching over you too. Especially now, when things on the physical plane are dramatically different and uncertain. 

Recently, I had a visitation from my best friend, Tim. I’m sharing that visitation with the hope that it inspires you to call on your heavenly loved ones to watch over you during these trying times. 


“Your friends will know you better in the first minute you meet than your acquaintances will know you in a thousand years.” Richard Bach     

Richard Bach

Last night I had a dream about my best friend, Tim. In this dream we were chatting and laughing just like we have since the first minute we met in 1982 while employed together in the wonderful world of retail. Tim and I were hired as part-time Christmas help to assist holiday shoppers with their gift-giving needs. We instantly hit it off and have been virtually inseparable ever since. Even today it’s hard to believe that we’ve been besties for 38 years.     

Tim was the first person with whom I felt completely safe sharing my true self. By true self I am referring to my heightened psychic abilities. Tim is the easiest person to talk to about anything and, through our friendship, we helped each other to become more aware and conscious people.     

Our favorite thing to do is to laugh our butts off, to have fun and to contemplate spirituality, dreams, and the afterlife. We are great sound boards for each other, and we especially connect through music, art, and dreams.     

In my dream we were laying on my bed eating pizza and listening to a Janet Jackson CD. Periodically, Tim would leap off my bed with a mouth full of half-chewed pizza and dive into dance moves from Janet’s, Miss You Much and, Rhythm Nation videos. He has always loved to dance and at the same time he’s too shy to dance in a night club. So, his not-so-cute choreography was saved for the privacy of his own house and once in a while for his best friend. 

“Every person, all the events of your life are there because you have drawn them there. What you choose to do with them is up to you.”      

Richard Bach

Tim was the first person to help me see that I, like everyone, had unique gifts to share with others and that I wasn’t a victim of my upbringing or a casualty of my own history.      

He encouraged me to pursue my spiritual beliefs, to read every book that peeked my interest, and to work and study hard implementing my new knowledge into a series of life plans. Pushing me beyond my social retardation and fear of public speaking, he showered me with love and appreciation so that I could live the life I was born to live while helping others do the same. Everyone should have such a great friend.     

Over the years I had often worried whether I gave Tim back as much as he gave me? I wanted to believe in my heart that I mirrored for him the gifts and unconditional treasures he gifted to me. Then again, how could I be sure? I think that we all want to feel that there is an even exchange of energy between us and those we love and respect. Not necessarily keeping track of each item for item, instead believing that our loved ones get as much from us as we do from them.     

My worries were put to rest last night during the most realistic dream visitation I’ve had about Tim in almost 12 years. After laughing and jumping around pretending that we were Janet’s back-up dancers, we collapsed on the floor of my room. Tim grabbed his 44-ounce glass of sweet tea and drank big gulps of it while catching his breath between swallows.     

A blue-white light illuminated my room. The mood swiftly shifted to a richer heart-to-heart communication. Tim looked me in the eyes and said, “I need to talk to you about something.” Now I had a mouthful of pizza and I stopped mid-chew. I know this side of Tim well. It meant “pay attention” in the deepest, soul-sense. I managed to chirp the word, “Okay” and waited wide-eyed and ready.     

He began with, “You have always been my best friend and, if it weren’t for knowing you, I would not have been able to make the transitions I’ve made in my life, especially back in 1993.”     

I started to remind him that he was one of the most resilient people I knew and that without me he would have been more than fine in 1993. Tim cut me off at the chase with, “Girl, let me finish.” I sat there and kept quiet for a change.     

“I’m serious,” he continued. “You helped me wake up to a huge part of myself that I didn’t understand before you came along. I’d been praying for someone to help me understand the whys and the what ifs of life, and, poof, there you were.”     

I listened to Tim as my bedroom morphed from my existing bedroom in Los Angeles today and began to shape-shift into my old bedroom in the house Tim and I shared in North Carolina in the early 1980’s, before finally shifting into Tim’s hospital room in January 1993. An array of kaleidoscope images danced between Tim and me. Each time, we felt good while thinking about our friendship. Each moment from the past that we uplifted, inspired, motivated or appreciated each other throughout the years vibrated throughout our hearts and minds simultaneously. In that moment, we each felt how our friendship had, and still does, affect us every single day, in a healing way.     

I awoke to my alarm clock playing a Janet Jackson song. I was grinning with a newfound peace of mind, accompanied with a soothing calmness and inner knowing.     

To this day, it’s hard for me to believe Tim died in 1993. We were best friends since the first day we met at The Gap, selling jeans over Christmas. And I can honestly say that we are still best friends today. His nonphysical spirit is even stronger than his physical attributes were – and those are the attributes that drew us together in the first place.     

In my book, Fixin’ the Big BUT Syndrome, I say that nighttime dreams are more powerful than our daydreams. Why? Because when we sleep we are in the land of pure positive energy. We have no distractions, and certainly no Big BUTS. When our physical bodies are sleeping, our conscious thinking mind tiptoes to the back burner so our subconscious and super conscious minds can come out and play with our Heaven-Self.     

We’ve all had premonitions, visitations and other worldly experiences in our nighttime dreams. We can float, soar, fly, and create miracles in our dreams. We can future forecast and seek unlimited guidance directly from the Universe.     

Nighttime dreams are BUT-Free zones. In our dream experiences our soul personality only enhances our strengths, our life purpose, and direction, sprinkling this knowledge into our daily lives like spiritually-inspired fairy dust.     

The beauty of this visitation was the soothing, “worry-free” calm Tim brought. Over pizza, sweet tea and a few Janet Jackson dance steps we were able to reconnect on a heart level in a way that my conscious mind could not dismiss. And to amplify the reality of Tim’s dream visitation my clock radio was playing Janet Jackson’s music when I awoke – smiling.    

Our friendship thrives each day because I choose to take the gifts, lessons, and inspiration from our 11 physical years together and blend them into the 27 years that he’s thrived in the spiritual realm communicating with his loved ones – in their dreams and beyond! 

“Don’t be dismayed at good-byes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends.”  

Richard Bach

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