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Congratulations for taking a big step and “Thinking Outside the BUT!” For years, clients and friends have asked me to create a product visually illustrating the spiritual principles I love teaching.


I’m excited to offer you TEN Essential Keys to Living a Hi-Frequency Life. As a Soul Intuitive Guide for 22 years I know first hand how easy it is to BUT-tradict our desires with habitual, low frequency thoughts and feelings that extinguish our dreams.


Whether you’re knowledgeable in metaphysics and New Thought or just developing an enthusiasm for this information, Living the Hi-Frequency Life, conveys many original keys and humorous spins to elevate you higher into BUT-Free living.


I'm serious about healing America’s Real Crack Problem, “The Big BUT Syndrome.” That’s why I've blended the Hi and Lo-Frequencies and the OVAL Mirror ideology from my book, Kicking the Big BUT Syndrome in this first DVD, Living the Hi-Frequency Life.


Everyone desires a better quality of life. This product is amazing at elevating you higher into BUT-Free Living principles. A few Soul-Couture keys you’ll learn are

• OVAL Mirror of Life

• Appreci-Asking

• Mirror Soul Speak

• Power Word Lullabies

• Projecting an Energy Vortex

• Think It, INK IT

• YES-Ercising

• ZEN-Tention, and much more!



My hearts desire with this material is to present upbeat and timeless information to open your heart, sing to your soul, and sooth your mind while on the path of creating the life of your dreams.

Video Previews

Living the Hi-Frequency Life Preview


Welcome to a pod cast sample of my first DVD “Living the Hi-Frequency Life — TEN Essential Keys for A Rich, Happy Life,” released June 2008.


I’m extremely proud of this DVD — I worked with two directors, amazing actors, hi-frequency friends and a live studio audience. In this preview I touch on the OVAL Mirror, the Big BUT Syndrome, and Appreci-Asking while recapping all Ten Keys, for your viewing pleasure. Though this preview is small you’ll feel the essence of the message. Thanks for watching.

BUT-Rageous Bloopers Preview


When I rent movies the first thing I look for on the menu bar are the outtakes and bloopers. As you can imagine our crew had a BUT load of hysterical moments while filming. I thought you would enjoy the fun, silly antics we experienced behind-the-scenes and caught on tape. Here’s a petite sample of our BUT-Rageous Blooper reel. Enjoy.

Cast & Crew Hi-Frequency Perspective  Preview


Welcome to small selection of our Cast and Crews perspective. In this medley you’ll meet lead actors, directors and other behind-the-scenes talent. I’m amazed at the team we assembled in order to create this product. Everyone involved comes from the heart and has a genuine desire to uplift others with this resourceful material. I know you’ll feel our team’s sincere energy.

The BUT-Fairies Preview


Meet the world’s first BUT-Fairies. In this clip you’ll meet “Lucky the Love BUT-Fairy,” because everyone wants to feel lucky in love. There’s “Moore the Money BUT-Fairy” since everyone desires more money, and there’s “Cozmo the Career BUT-Fairy” because all people want to love their careers. I’ve treasured creating the world’s first of many BUT-Fairies. I trust you’ll enjoy their debut in this Pod Cast—No BUTS About It!


David Tillman

Cole Walliser


Executive Producer

Eddie Conner



Karen Drucker



Brian Mason

Melanie Benz

Mike Mucciolo

Ramona Mucciolo


Meet the World’s First BUT-Fairies®

Lucky the Love BUT-Fairy

Cozmo the Career BUT-Fairy

Moore the Money BUT-Fairy

Balance the Body BUT-Fairy

Cast and Crew


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