Joy is an Attitude

Every second of our lives we seed the world with our thoughts and feelings. Often, we launch messy, contradicted emotions without realizing it, which can be remedied by choosing pure thought-feelings. Especially since feelings create our physical realities. Not words, nor action.

Our physical world is composed of what we see, hear, touch, taste, and smell. It’s rooted in good old-fashioned blood, sweat, and tears. In fact, we are so use to grunting through our daily grind that we often forget to spend, “feel good introspection” in order to create the outer world we most desire.

By pure introspection I’m referring to holding clean thought-feelings in our mind and solar plexus, regardless of what’s happening around us. This is especially important because our hard work and action creates less than .01% of our lives, while our thoughts, feelings, and frequencies create nearly 99.99%. For example:


My first corporate job was with a boss that hated me. Actually, she hated everyone, except her pet turtle. Despite her insanity, I did great work, was on time, and performed above the call of duty. I dreaded the daily humiliation she vomited on me. After six months of taking her behavior personally, my spirit broke. While leaving work on a Friday I decided I was never returning. I punched the clock, climbed into my car and was like, “F—k you and the ugly ass piece of s—t dragon you flew in on!” (I was in my twenties)

After months of allowing her to chip away at my soul, I desperately wanted to feel good. That weekend I pulled out all the stops and did my spiritual work. I journaled, meditated, visualized, walked in nature, and also read, Living With Joy, by Sanaya Roman. Her definition of joy catapulted me back into alignment with my inner guidance system.

“Joy is an attitude; it is the presence of love – for self and others. It comes from a feeling of inner peace, the ability to give and receive, and appreciation of yourself and others. It is a state of gratitude and compassion, a feeling of connection to your innermost self, your soul.”

Ding, ding, ding! A huge light inside me lit up, instantly pushing out months of my evil-boss-career-darkness. I wrote Sanaya’s definition of joy hundreds of times in my journal. I recited it. I sang it. I danced it, drew it, affirmed it, and repeated it until I felt the highest frequencies of joy inside of my atoms, cells, and molecules. For the first time in months I had successfully leveraged my desires and reconnected to my innermost self, my soul.


Eckhart Tolle says, “If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place.” I had been creating my reality ass-backwards and was miserable because of it. I had believed that physically performing beyond the call of duty would be enough to flip my bosses, hate-switch to at least a semi, like-switch. Not!

After feeling good again and sustaining it, I reviewed my six-month stint in hell. From a physical standpoint I had done everything right despite feeling beaten down and broken inside. From my new point of view, I was reminded again that our feelings create 99.99% of our lives. I had been putting all my effort into action with next to-no-good-feelings to support my innermost desire for a happier work environment. 

Which meant that, for six grueling months I had only focused on the physical world, completely forgetting the power my thoughts, feelings, and frequencies could’ve produced for me.

Eckart Tolle was right. Once I aligned with my inner feelings – the outside fell into place. I had done more feel good spiritual work in one weekend than I had done in six months. Almost overnight I’d gone from being terrorized by my horrible boss, to re-remembering how much I loved the job itself, the creative aspects of it, how good I was at it, and the freedom my salary had provided.


On Monday I went back to work eager to see how feeling good would translate in real time. True to form, my boss stopped hissing her poison in my direction. Each week thereafter got better and better. After months of choosing to feel ridiculously good despite my surroundings, I was scouted by another corporation, they interviewed me and hired me on the spot. My career shot to a higher level.

It’s been well over thirty-years since that hellish job experience. Since then, I’ve seen proof time and again that when I purely feel joy in my solar plexus, I generate miracles, regardless of how tough my physical surroundings may appear. How do I know? I live my life’s work as a Soul Intuitive, author, and humorist every day and have for 26-years. Plus, I love writing, teaching and sharing metaphysics in fun, creative ways so audiences learn how to use their soul’s attributes effectively.  

As for my venomous, knuckle dragging, batshit crazy, swamp dwelling, psycho boss – the summer I gave her my notice, her four-wheel drive monster truck was struck by lightning while she sat in it at a drive-through waiting for her burger and fries. Her truck was totaled, but she and her pet turtle survived.

I’m kidding! I have no idea where she is today, but I am sincerely grateful to her for reminding me that no one can make me feel bad or take my power away – except me.


Joy is one of the Universe’s purest frequencies. Joy is a choice, a soul attribute living within. Sometimes we forget to feel it, to hold it, to share it – but it’s always there on our behalf and holding space for us. And because we are eternally seeding the world with thought forms, we should carefully choose what we think and feel so that we’re uplifting the world around us with tons of deliciousness, not bringing it down.

In other words, consider joy. Consider light, and choose love for yourself and for every person, place, circumstance, and situation you come into contact with. And, until we meet again, remember to keep your thoughts feelings, and frequencies high, fast, and pure so that you can Unlock the Universe Within!

With Love and Light Always,


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