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Happy Birthday Mama

Yesterday, I worked on my biography for the first time in years. Proofreading it stirred up a ton of emotions. Not to mention I automatically relived each page of memories. Especially the section where I introduce my Mama to readers. Flashing back in time, I easily pictured Mama’s face and mannerisms as I read these words I had written years ago.  

“Though my Mama swats away compliments like flies at a summer picnic, it’s obvious to everyone except for her, that she’s beautiful. Long brown hair frames her face and accentuates her high cheekbones before falling past her shoulders. Her slim build naturally compliments her sun-kissed skin, and when Mama smiles, she sparkles. Her most striking feature is her bright green cat eyes, befitting of her Halloween Birthday and inherent sixth sense.”

This memoir is about growing up a third-generation psychic in the 1960’s and 70’s. As a kid I heard Mama telling her best friend about her detailed, precognitive dreams and then I’d watch in amazement as the dreams Mama described earlier manifested time and time again. Not to mention her psychic abilities. Meanwhile, her Mama, Sallie B claimed to have some kind of direct hotline to Jesus, talked-in-tongues, had psychic visions, and often fussed at the old man that shared her house. Did I mention he was dead?

When visitors told Sallie B they were afraid of ghosts, she’d simply say, “Don’t bother him and he won’t bother you.” Funny enough, she gave us kids the same advice about yellow jackets, copperheads’ and that damned attack rooster of hers. But; I digress.

One night, when I was a teenager Mama and I piled into her El Camino Super Sport to see the movie, “Beyond and Back.” This film featured dozens of case studies about people that’d had near death experiences with angels, the light and sometimes the dark side too.

It was the first time I’d watched anything about the afterlife matching what I innately believed. I’d seen angels and ghosts, heard voices and had out-of-body experiences. Seeing, “Beyond and Back” was the catalyst that opened the door for Mama and me to talk about all kinds of other paranormal experiences. On the way home that night, Mama and I made a promise that whoever died first between us, would come back from the spirit realm and contact the one of us still left behind.


Though I talk to Mama every day, last night was the first time I’d seen her in a while. I’m sure she popped in to visit because she knows October is my favorite month, fall is my favorite season, and she’s my favorite person of all time. It could also be that I’d spent the previous day editing dozens of chapters in my book about her.

During our visitation, Mama and I sat at her kitchen table having breakfast. Her small TV played softly in the background and she wore her favorite flannel blouse. I glanced up from my plate just as she tilted her head, grinning in my direction, “I appreciate that you still talk to me Edward, but do you mind a little advice from your Mama?”

I paused before putting jelly on my toast, “Yes Ma’am, I love your advice.” Mama took a sip of coffee, her eyes smiling, “Do you realize that when you say you love me, you turn right around and say you miss me in the same breath?” Confused, I ask, “Ma’am?”

She continued, “You always say, ‘I love you Mama and I miss you every day.’”

Mama nodded toward a holographic orb mystically floating over the table top between us. In the orb I watched a mini movie of my life playing out from the night she passed away and up to this exact moment. As I watched, I simultaneously felt the culmination of every happy and sad feeling I’d had since Mama’s passing.

Looking into the luminated orb I realized that I still talked to her “as if” she was physically alive. I suddenly knew what Mama meant. I had been botching communication with her by contradicting my love, with the sadness of missing her – for almost six years! 

I personally know contradicted feelings create energetic gridlock within us and that gridlock affects every aspect of our lives. As a psychic I know gridlock blocks us from receiving guidance from the other side. Departed loved ones contact us easiest when our emotions are pure. Which is another reason our loved ones often visit with us during our dream state.


It’s funny, I communicate with the spiritual realm for my clients all the time, but I rarely think about doing it for myself. Heck, maybe that’s why I had innocently blocked receiving messages from Mama with my low-grade sadness? While looking into the orb, I closed my eyes, meditating on how much I loved Mama for coming back through the veil and giving me advice to help identify my emotional block so I could release it once and for all.

I thought about the memoir, “Though Mama swats away compliments like flies at a summer picnic, it’s obvious to everyone except for her, that she’s beautiful.”

I suddenly felt even greater love for her, without sadness. I re-remembered that love is always eternal. Mama now lived in that light, no longer restricted with a weak, frail body. I opened my eyes to experience more light shining on Mama and me, bringing with it a warmth I had not felt in decades. I looked at Mama who was now the stunning young woman I’d known when I was four-years-old.

She smiled as her bright green cat eyes held the light. I remembered, “…her eyes befitting of her Halloween Birthday and her inherent sixth sense.”

Happy tears streamed down my face. I started to thank Mama. She beat me to the punch finishing my thought, “You’re welcome.” I sat stock-still mesmerized by Mama’s transformation from her former 70-year-old body and back to her younger, vibrant self I’d written about. Mama said, “I love you Edward.” Grinning ear to ear like a little boy, I replied, “I love you too.”

I woke up hearing myself say, “Happy Birthday Mama.”

It was 3:00 AM. Sitting up in my bed, my face wet with tears I felt the stark difference between my physical body and my astral body. I wanted to be sure Mama knew I had wished her a, “Happy Birthday” before our connection ended. And just like that, a soft lyrical whisper floated through the night air saying, “I did, and thank you, Edward.”

With a second rush of gratitude, I grinned and said, “I love you Mama and…” without warning my back bolted straight up. Dang!!! I almost did it again. I nearly said, “…and I missyou too,” before catching my former, self-imposed contradiction first hand, thanks to Mama’s guidance.


I love Mama for keeping our pact alive. I always knew she would keep the promise we made together way back when I was seventeen. I have always loved having visitations and conversations with her through the years and I look forward to having more.

Speaking of visitations from departed loved ones, please know that you don’t have to be a psychic medium to connect with loved ones in spirit. Anyone can contact the other side and receive concrete signs from the spiritual realm. It’s simply a matter of keeping your love frequency pure, with-little-to-no-sadness at the same time. The higher your love frequency is the greater the chance of making contact.

Practice amplifying your love frequency all day, every day. Talk to your loved ones on a regular basis. Make this your new normal. Believe me, loved ones in spirit hear you and they always know when you’re thinking about them. Whether you see or hear them or not, they receive your thoughts, prayers and well wishes. They absolutely do. Simply stated, allow your inner light to connect with their light consciousness.

Why the light? There is no contradiction in the light. There is no resistance in the light. Why? Because light is unconditional love personified. Which is the kind of love and light each of us are striving to achieve here on Earth in our temporary meat-suits. The greatest feeling we’ll ever feel in these bodies is the light of our soul’s connection to source. That source my friend, is the light. It is you. You are the light.

And on that note, until we meet again remember to keep your thoughts, feelings and frequencies high, fast and pure so that you can unlock the Universe within.

With Appreciation Always,


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