Getting to the Other Side of COVID-19

In this newsletter I’m changing up the format a bit. Like you, this pandemic has triggered the highest and the lowest of my thoughts and emotions. One moment I feel great then I freak the f—k out about basic things. You know, rent, bills out and paid on time, groceries and water. And having just enough toilet paper to get to the other side of the COVID-19. Bitchy side note. Be careful not to hoard things. Anything beyond what we need is often poison for the spirit. It can be power, food, anxiety, ego and even toilet paper. Hoarding creates a state of lack and deficit, adding to the negative momentum of this pandemic. During these trying times I consistently remind myself to stay connected to my core essence energy. I do this so I don’t get sucked down a negative rabbit hole and innocently add to the world’s mounting chaos. Jack Canfield said. “You only have control over three things in your life – the thoughts you think, the images you visualize, and the actions you take.” I’ve learned that it’s much easier to keep my thoughts pure from the very beginning and to stay in that good space for as long as I can. Why? Because it’s much harder to feel good after crawling my ass out of one of those scary, dark spaces weeks after the fact. 


…I remind myself 100 times a day that the core essence of the universe is an energy of love, harmony and order. Each minute I choose to experience love, I am literally allowing that love, harmony, and perfect order to flow to me and through me. But, here’s the rub, I have to do it for myself. I cannot wait on our government, neighbors, friends, or credit card companies to make me feel better about what’s happening. It’s my responsibility to feel good. Don’t get me wrong. I’m there for my friends, neighbors and government. I do my part to be an even exchange of energy, but at almost 59 years old, I’ve happily learned to live by this simple spiritual teaching – it always starts and stops with me. I create my own reality. I am responsible for handling both the good and the bad that life throws at me. When I choose to feel fear and freak out, I absolutely attract more things to freak out about. If I choose to whine, bitch, and moan about how authorities are handling our current situation I become a perfect energy-match to more things I’m bitching about. And child, believe me, there’s some crazy ass s—t out there that will flip my wig sideways a hundred times a day. 


…each time I choose a lighter mindset, consciously breathe, think about what lights me up or laugh my ass off – I am contributing to the well-being of self, others and the planet at large. This sounds simple, right? It is. Honestly. I’ve been a  student and teacher of this truth over half my life, and sister I ain’t no spring chicken. What I know that I know, that I know for sure is that it always starts and stops with me. I can’t control what’s happening in our country right now, but I can control my thoughts, feelings, and frequencies, about it. Every time I forget this truth, I get scared. Each time I remember it, practice it, and live it, I feel good again – it can be that easy. 


The universe is an energy of love, harmony and order. Regardless of what I’m thinking, feeling, or doing, this truth eternally supports every thought I think and feeling I feel. The Universe always holds the space of love, harmony and order. Remember, we only have control over the thoughts we think, the images we visualize, and the actions we take. Because it always starts and stops with you it’s your sole, (and soul) responsibility to control your thoughts, mental pictures, and actions, directing them to your personal core essence energy. An easy way to access this “inner connection” is by reconnecting to all things that make you light up from the inside out. As of this newsletter, I’m happy to report that I freak out way less and for shorter bounds of time about rent, bills or groceries. As soon as I feel a little bout of fear popping in, I remember everything I just shared with you and easily slip back into my soul awareness. Meaning, I see and hear what’s going on around me, and I choose to stay aligned with my pure positive self, while being of service. In the upcoming days and weeks, I’ll send out more newsletters than normal so that you (and I) are gently re-reminded to stay aligned, connected, and happy. On that fabulous note, until we meet again, remember to keep your thoughts, feelings, and frequencies high, fast, and pure so that you can Unlock the Universe Within. 

With Love and Light,


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