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A Loving Reminder

With love I want to remind you that you are nonphysical. You are light. You are unconditional love. You are a soul. You are stardust. You are solution oriented. You are a pioneering spirit. You are unlimited power. You are pure consciousness. You are an eternal expression of energy. You are heaven on Earth.

You. Are. Light.

You are also human. You are physical. You have a dense body. You have a brain. You have a heart. You communicate with words and actions. You are flesh. You are blood. You are a problem solver. You are a temporary expression of physicalit

The OVAL Mirror

The OVAL Mirror

I’ve decided to keep this newsletter light. Pun intended. One of my favorite spiritual practices has always been sending light from my heart and out to the world. I’ve used light energies every day for decades, but this month I’ve decided to beef up this “sending light” energy while using my favorite acronym, The OVAL Mirror. Simply stated, OVAL stands for Observe, Vibrate, Attract, and Live.

I learned this sending light technique from, Sanaya Roman in the 1980’s. She instructs students to create grids of light emanating from their hearts and out to the Universe. It’s a powerful exercise and it makes you feel great. Plus, when you’re attracting the life you desire you feel more inspired and empowered to practice it everyday.


This morning I decided to do a guided meditation where I activated my inner light grid. I visualized light vibrating and emanating from my heart and around the world, and through the hearts and minds of all living things before sending the light to our solar system and beyond. It was a short meditation but man, it immediately made me feel like a million bucks.



HIGH POINT, N.C. 1963-64

Grandma was a strong, spirited lumberjack of a woman with a booming voice and wicked backhand that could sting your face for hours. After braiding her long, gray hair, she knotted it up in a scarf around her head that matched her imitation pearl cat-eyeglasses. Her clothes were fabric scraps she hand-sewed into a hodgepodge of garments that loosely covered her ample frame. Other accessories included yard shoes with toe holes, her butterbean gardening hat, and a set of chipped dentures her dog had gotten ahold of, leaving them riddled with canine teeth marks and one less tooth for Grandma.

Grandma rented an old, rundown property off highway 62, surrounded by oak trees and thousands of flowers, plants, and creeping ivy vines. Over time, her house reminded me of the old witch’s place in the Hansel and Gretel story, minus the cookies and candy. The first thing you felt when approaching were thick waves of suffocating heat smacking the life from your body.


I Was Twenty Years Old…

…the afternoon a speeding car slammed into my borrowed station wagon, crashing it into a utility pole. I had recently graduated high school, was in a bad relationship, working two jobs, and babysitting to earn gas money.

Just before impact, the world around me entered a state of slow motion, like in a dream. I was pulled high above my body and into a surreal consciousness.

From overhead I watched another car T-bone mine, crushing both cars into a pile of screeching, mangled wreckage. Moving further skyward I noticed my busted windows splintering across the streets, reflecting tiny diamonds of light within the shards. It was at that moment, when the glass detonated that I realized I no longer felt a connection to my physical body. Every sound and earthly feeling disappeared far below while I was swept further upward into the essence of unconditional love.

It’s true what people say about near death experiences – your life flashes before your eyes and the light wraps you inside its refuge, away from pain. I floated there a while as long buried memories of my early life blazed before me in an odd series of rapid flashbacks.


Angelic Signs and Visitations

Twenty-years ago, Mama told me how she went into a shop looking for a little gift for me. The shop owner approached Mama with, “Are you shopping for someone in particular?”

“Yes, a gift for my son,” Mama answered.

“How old is he”, the owner returned.

“He’s forty.”

The owner walked Mama to the sporting goods section, “Great! We have football jerseys, baseball hats and fishing gear for men his age. What sports team does your son like?”

Mama grinned politely starring at the mountain of sports paraphernalia. The owner smiled back. “What,” she asked, not understanding Mama’s grin.

“My son is different”, Mama said, “He likes angels.”


where are you swimming

Where are You Swimming?

I was ten-years-old when our family made the four-hour drive to vacation at the beach in North Carolina. We’d been in our hotel room only minutes when Momma finally allowed my brothers and me to go swimming, but only under lifeguard supervision. Between our hotel room and the beach my brothers and I stumbled upon a murky lagoon behind the hotel, complete with a five-foot long steal water pipe jetting six feet above the sand bank and shooting water into the large pond below. We had struck gold!

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