Angelic Signs and Visitations

Twenty-years ago, Mama told me how she went into a shop looking for a little gift for me. The shop owner approached Mama with, “Are you shopping for someone in particular?”

“Yes, a gift for my son,” Mama answered.

“How old is he”, the owner returned.

“He’s forty.”

The owner walked Mama to the sporting goods section, “Great! We have football jerseys, baseball hats and fishing gear for men his age. What sports team does your son like?”

Mama grinned politely starring at the mountain of sports paraphernalia. The owner smiled back. “What,” she asked, not understanding Mama’s grin.

“My son is different”, Mama said, “He likes angels.”


“Yes Ma’am,” Mama replied.

“Angels? And he’s 40?”

“Yes Ma’am”, Mama smiled. Confused, the owner walked Mama to a nondescript shelf filled with bric a brac. Among needlepoint pillows, ceramic spoon rests, and silk flowers Mama spotted a clip-on angel pendant that stood out to her and bought it for me.

I had long forgotten about Mama’s angelic gift and the engraved-saying on it, until years after Mama had passed away.


Recently, in Studio City I decided to hit Book Star, grab coffee and pick up votive candles on Ventura Boulevard. In an import store I saw one of the prettiest angel statues I’d seen in a long time. I loved the statues serenity.

With my coffee and votive candles in hand, I kept circling back to the angel. She spoke to me in an intuitive way. I wanted to buy it but couldn’t justify the price. I walked away from the angel twice more, but like a magnet I was pulled back again before leaving the store. That’s when I felt my Mama’s energy and her words, “She’s purdy Edward, you should get her.”

In that instant I could see Mama’s beautiful face in my mind’s eye. Goosebumps covered my neck and arms. I agreed with Mama and answered, “She is purdy, isn’t she?” An invisible electricity filled the air, transporting me back to memories of Mama and me happily hitting second hand stores together.

Still standing in front of the sculpture and feeling Mama with me, a clerk approached. “You’re lucky,” she said as she flipped the angels price tag over exposing a sale price. “She’s our last angel and she’s been marked down to $99.00.”

“See Edward”, Mama chimed in. “It’s a sign.”

In my heart, I knew it was.

The clerk and I enjoyed small talk as she rang up my purchases. With coffee and candles in hand, I asked her if I could pull my car around and come back for the ceramic angel. “Absolutely” she said, “I’ll keep an eye on her.”

Minutes later I pulled my car around, walked inside and thanked the salesclerk again for her kindness. I carefully positioned the heavy angel in my arms, just so. As I turned to leave, the sales clerk said, “I just remembered something my mother always told me back when I drove back and forth to college.” Curious, I turned to face her. “What’s that?”

“That I should never drive faster than my guardian angel could fly.”

I froze. My mouth half open in shock. Goosebumps rushed up my spine as I recalled the angel pin Mama bought me twenty years earlier.  


Driving home, I had the biggest smile in my heart. I thanked Mama over and over for popping in to visit me and told her repeatedly how much I loved her.

Arriving home with my new angel in tow, I carefully placed it in the perfect spot. While standing back to appreciate the angel’s presence I received a psychic flash in my mind. It lasted only a millisecond. The impression I received was a sharp, pristine image of Mama’s purse.

I thought this psychic-hit was odd but followed my intuitive hunch. I went to my bedroom and pulled out a storage box tucked safely in the back of my closet that I had kept since Mama’s passing. Carefully pulling the box from the shelf, I sat on my bed and popped open the plastic lid. Inside the box, sitting ever-so-perfect among Mama’s personal items was her purse.

I gently pulled her purse from the box and right there on the side pocket was my next sign of the day. It was the actual angel pin Mama bought me some twenty years ago with the engraved words, “Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly.”

I sat on the bed relishing in my appreciation and love for Mama and her visitation with me. I sat in joy and happiness for everything Mama had taught me and for our bond. I sat especially grateful for our ability to stay connected beyond traditional time-space realities.


All of us get signs from our angels and loved ones. It’s not hard to receive impulses and messages from the other side. In fact, the single strongest denominator in receiving nonphysical communication is good-old-fashion love. Unconditional love. Not love mixed with sadness or love mixed with the resistance of missing our loved ones, once-physical-presence-now-gone. Just love.

Consider learning to appreciate your life more than you ever have. Be more kind today than you were yesterday. Be even more rich with your consideration of others. Be more generous with your heart than ever before. Practice stepping outside of your habitual patterns while holding the purest essence of love in your heart for the joy of it.

Learn to hold these elevated love frequencies higher and higher in your heart and solar plexus until you can feel your soul’s unconditional love spilling up and over and even further out to the world at large.

Why? Because appreciation, kindness, consideration, sincerity and generosity are forms of unconditional love. Learning to harness these simple expressions of love is a great way to open yourself up to receive guidance from your angels and loved ones.

On that note, feel free to drop me a line and let me know how you amplified your personal love frequency. Share with me how you established new, expanded patterns making your heart and mind shine even brighter and bolder than before.  

And, until we meet again, remember to keep your thoughts, feelings, and frequencies high, fast and pure so that you can unlock the Universe within!

With Much Love Always,


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