An Easy Way to Lighten Up

We’re halfway through 2021 and long past our New Year’s resolutions, which I had completely forgotten about until my recent wardrobe malfunction. Though I teach classes on “how-to” create a better life using law of attraction principles, I still get sucked into self-induced negativity from time to time. For example, I just tried on a pair of jeans that were so tight I had to use bacon grease and the jaws of life just to pull the jeans past my post quarantine backside.

Stretch. Denim. My. Ass.

I wasn’t able to snap the jeans closed or get anywhere close to zipping them up without hiring a paramedic to administer oxygen to me. For the next few minutes I had zero lung capacity to cuss. I blamed the jeans, the pandemic, and delicious desserts. All of them! I was a gruesome sight, hopping in tiny circles, huffing, puffing and cursing my 40” waist for not cooperating with my 36” jeans.

After getting motion sickness from chasing my ass in a circle, I suddenly stopped and started laughing out loud. “Happy freaking new year,” I thought to myself remembering my vow to lose weight – last January and the January before that!

Again. I knew I had to shift my negative attitude to a higher frequency, and fast.


Remembering, the 5-for-1 Game from a workshop I taught last year, I pried my jeans off, grabbed a pen and journal and immediately worked to change my negative perspective. The premise of, the 5-for-1 Game is simple:

Each time you say 1 Negative Thought — stop — and replace that negative thought with 5 Positive Truths that feel good. My list looked like this:

It’s so easy to fall into bitching, complaining and talking about what is not working, verses what is working. Like, talking about the desire to lose weight while indulging in our favorite ménage trois with Ben & Jerry. This type of thinking and behaving leaves us feeling stuck. The, 5-for-1 Game eliminates that one-step-forward-two-steps-back mentality.


I’m reminded of a quote from, The Secret. “If you are complaining, the law of attraction will powerfully bring into your life more situations for you to complain about. If you are listening to someone else complain and focusing on that, sympathizing with them, agreeing with them, in that moment, you are attracting more complaining situations to yourself.”

The quote gently reminds us to stop, take a breath, and elevate our thinking whenever we spin off the rails. And we all do it. Spinning off the rails is simply an old ingrained habit we learned and we can unlearn it just as easily. It just takes practice.

The, 5-for-1 Game is a fun way to turn our negative thoughts into positive thoughts, which coincidentally puts us closer to our true goal of feeling better, happier and lighter.

A word of advice. Don’t wait until you’re out of breath, chasing your ass in circles and fighting with your jeans before playing the, 5-for-1 Game. Instead, refresh your January declarations. Start a brand-new tradition of writing out Midyear Resolutions for the joy of it!

And until we meet again, please remember to keep your thoughts, feelings and frequencies high, fast and pure so that you are unlock the Universe within.

With Sincere Appreciation,


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