A Metaphysical Memory

While having coffee and editing paperwork at my favorite bookstore I took a break and stretched my body. The yawn felt good as I sat straight in my chair, gently rolling my shoulders back. I glanced out the huge window near my table and watched the sun’s light shining through the clouds, bathing the buildings, traffic and pedestrians on the other side of the glass.

I was happily lost in thought when a bright yellow school bus pulled up to the intersection, lights blinking on-and-off, its stop-sign fully exposed as a couple of chatty teenagers hopped of the bus. They continued their playful conversation walking up the sidewalk. I instinctively knew they had an intuitive bond with each other and felt safe exploring their abilities.

An unexpected memory popped into my mind. I closed my eyes and traveled back in time to an experience I’d had at a school bus stop, in our trailer park when I was a teenager.

As a kid I often saw angels and heard disincarnate voices. For the most part I didn’t tell my parents about the loving visitors and their guidance. I loved listening to my nonphysical friends as they shared their unlimited wisdom. Visiting with these angelic guides was my personal escape from our family’s turmoil. Somehow being in their multidimensional presence helped me release a lot of the pain of the physical world.

On the flip-side, I would sometimes experience scary psychic visions and shudder when the events I’d seen in my mind’s eye manifested right in front of me. I felt weird. It was confusing for me as a teenager to experience crazy psychic things and then live through them outwardly.


One morning a neighborhood bully named Jimmy and his gang jumped my brothers and me at the bus stop. After fists stopped swinging, we calmed down and regained our composure. That’s when I “saw” the accident.

The image was as crisp and vivid in my mind as if I’d been standing in front of it in real time. A crashed bus lay on its side like a wounded horse waiting to be put out of its misery. Terrified elementary school kids were crawling out of the emergency door and windows. Then as quickly as the image had appeared, it was gone. I was back in the aftermath of the fight, yet stunned by what I’d seen and felt in my mind and body.

Without warning, one of the gang members punched me hard, bringing me further back into physical reality. Suddenly the image of the bus returned. In my mind’s eye a tractor trailer had slammed into the rear end of the bus. For a moment I felt trapped between worlds, feeling the physical pain of the punch while feeling the emotional pain of the psychic vision.

Somewhere in the middle of getting my ass beat I yelled in the bully’s face, “I hope your damn bus turns over and sends all of you to the hospital!” You could have heard a pin drop. The other kids at the bus stop were stunned at my outburst. They had never heard me yell or speak out before. I was as shocked as they were. Mostly because I was usually the funny kid. The one that made everyone laugh and feel good. And in one sharp outburst I turned into some weird character in a Stephen King novel.

As we stood there in silence, the first bus of the morning arrived, blowing its horn and flashing its bright red lights as it had done thousands of times before through our trailer park. Jimmy and his gang boarded the bus along with my brothers. Only a handful of us older kids remained. Someone made a joke to get our attention onto lighter subjects and I happily took their lead. Moments later our bus appeared over the hill and we quickly boarded.

I was talking with a friend on our bus when I heard our driver exclaim, “Oh my God!” We looked up from our conversation in his direction.

That’s when I saw it.

And overturned bus laying on its right side.


The bumper of wrecked bus was smashed in and glass was scattered over the road. The morning sun cast its brilliant light in the shattered glass creating a mystical effect. Children scrambled out of the emergency door to the safety of a passing motorist who had stopped to help. Just like in my vision, a tractor trailer had jackknifed, and slid into the back bumper of the bus. Ambulances and firetrucks were at the scene of the accident, while onlookers attempted to calm down the children.

I knew without looking at the overturned bus’s number that it was my brother’s bus. What I saw next stopped my heart. As our bus inched by the accident, I saw a handful of kids standing at the back of an ambulance. Looking more closely I recognized Jimmy and his pals. My breath stopped. My ill wishes for them had come true. And my brothers sat beside of them. I was devastated.

Everyone on my bus stared at the wreck in disbelief. I pretended to be cool, yet tears began to sting my eyes. Most of the kids acted like they weren’t watching me, but I knew they were. I could overhear them repeating the threat I’d made earlier in their hushed whispers back and forth between them. I couldn’t blame them for staring, I would’ve too.

Maybe I was a monster for yelling what I did. Maybe I was really the bully because I had psychically witnessed the crash before it happened. I couldn’t help but feel responsible. My young brain wondered if I had caused the wreck? Was it my fault that innocent kids were hurt, even killed? I wondered. My lip was quivering. A huge weight knotted my stomach. It was almost impossible to breathe.

By this time our bus had pulled into the parking lot of our junior high school. I went straight to the bathroom and prayed that everyone was okay and unharmed. I prayed hard that I hadn’t caused the wreck. I especially asked for forgiveness about what I’d yelled to my bully earlier that morning. Then I awaited any kind of information my inner guidance wanted to share.

Suddenly my heart stopped racing and the knot in my gut slowly dissolved. The next image and feeling I experienced were of all the children on the bus being okay. Of course, they were shaken up, but I felt none of them was seriously hurt. They had bumps and bruises; but overall, they were fine.

During homeroom the teacher let the class know that all was well with the students and driver of the crashed bus. What a relief! Immediately I felt lighter and calmer. My prayers had been heard.


As an adult I often look back at my teenage years. What I would give to go back to that era and know then, what I know today. I would have a completely different perspective about my psychic gifts.

Today I appreciate my connection to “the other side” and direct this connection to enhance the well-being of those around me. As a teenager it was impossible to draw a line between the two realities. After the bus accident I pretended my psychic abilities didn’t exist. I pushed them as deep inside as possible, until I turned 21 and moved from my home town to a metropolitan city filled with open-hearted and open-minded people from all over the world. Shortly after, I took classes, read books, and studied all things about healthy paranormal experiences and psychic development.

I learned we are all psychic. Everyone has the ability to commune with angels, the nature kingdom and departed loved ones. The spiritual world has a basic structure that is millions of years old. After learning the basic structure of how and why “spirit works” I was able to control my innate abilities so they no longer controlled me.

The simple truth is, every person is already integrated in the spirit world and physical world. We are physically and non-physically hardwired to function with both components operating in our bodies and minds. All it takes is a little practice, a pure heart and an open mind.  

On that note, I encourage you to take a look back at some of your metaphysical memories. Review some of the paranormal experiences from your current, more awakened platform. Hindsight is always 20/20.
While looking back, jot down what you learned as a result of these experiences. Look how far you’ve come and then do something lovely to celebrate your spiritual growth and new awareness.

And remember, until we meet again keep your thoughts, feelings and frequencies high, fast and pure so that you can Unlock the Universe Within.

With Light and Love,


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