A Loving Reminder

With love I want to remind you that you are nonphysical. You are light. You are unconditional love. You are a soul. You are stardust. You are solution oriented. You are a pioneering spirit. You are unlimited power. You are pure consciousness. You are an eternal expression of energy. You are heaven on Earth.

You. Are. Light.

You are also human. You are physical. You have a dense body. You have a brain. You have a heart. You communicate with words and actions. You are flesh. You are blood. You are a problem solver. You are a temporary expression of physicality.

You are nonphysical and physical. You are eternal consciousness expressing itself in a meat-suit until you return to the light. Your human attributes often feel limited, but the soul-light living within you is fueled by the entire Universe – and beyond.

It is the light within us that is eternally bringing our physical personalities solace, guidance and well-being, but we have to be receptive to this light before its guidance can reach our human personality.

The spiritual realm operates on light and love. We interpret through light via our thoughts, feelings and frequencies – not words nor action. This same spiritual world lives inside of us in the form of pure thought vibrations and pure emotional frequencies. Meaning, the brighter and lighter our thoughts feel in our hearts and minds, the more happily integrated we are with the Universe at large.

Better stated – when we make decisions to feel aligned to our personal source energy, we merge our light bodies and physical bodies together as one. The more we use our spiritual personalities via our pure thoughts and feelings the faster our physical surroundings miraculously change for the better.


Remember, we create our realities from the inside out. Plus, we were (and are) light beings first.

From the nonphysical realms where we lived as a soul, we choose to integrate our soul’s expression into these temporary bodies. Once integrated into physical bodies we knew we could use our soul’s light with our dense, physical selves in order to bring our personalized Heaven to Earth. Side note: “Heaven”, ultimately means expanded consciousness.

Abraham-Hicks reminds us that our pure, focused thought-feelings create 99.99% of our lives on Earth. As humans we’re habitually programmed to put our attention almost exclusively on what we can touch, taste, see, smell, and hear.

Newsflash, our physical actions create less than .01% of our earthly experiences, but the light living inside of our purest thoughts, feelings, and frequencies create the other 99.99%.

How is that possible?

It’s possible because you are light first and foremost. You are 99.99% nonphysical. You are unconditional love. You are a soul. You are stardust. You are solution oriented. You are a pioneering spirit. You are unlimited power. You are pure consciousness. You are eternal. You are Heaven and Earth.

You. Are. Light.

Use your light.

Use your nonphysical power.

Use your benevolence to transform your earthly experience.

Use your heart energy and your gut brain.

Use your intuition and creativity.

Employ your artistic expression and empathic grace.

You are stardust my friend. Go forth and shine!

Moving forward, consciously use ALL THAT IS to be ALL YOU ARE and shine your light from the inside out for the sheer joy of it. Then, take your vitamins, fasten your seatbelt and get ready for the pure, positive ride of your life.

Here’s to happy creating and until we meet again, remember to keep your thoughts, feelings and frequencies high, fast and pure so that you can Unlock the Universe Within.

With Love,


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