A Cure for Holiday Shopping But-itus

For 20 years I have worked in retail during the holidays. It goes without saying that I endured long hours, little pay and next-to-no appreciation from management, or from the endless line of customers barking rude orders at you because after all, “that’s what you’re paid for.”

On more than one occasion I was the salesclerk who wanted to play Houdini and make a ten-foot Christmas tree disappear into the customer standing in front of me, followed with, “Have a nice day, next in line please,” smiling all the while.

Just the thought of that did help a little. Through all of the spiritual teachings I’ve studied it’s clear that our emotional beliefs create our physical lives. Each of us have two volumes of vibration that launch our beliefs. These two volumes are “Hi-Frequency and Low-Frequency.” When our feelings are high, we attract good things and when our feelings are low we attract negative things.


Not to worry, the dark side isn’t about the Grinch’s deviant little elves forcing a spiked Egg-Nog colonic on you or your great aunt Gertrude trying to tongue kiss you under the mistletoe with her steel wool mustache. It’s actually worse than that!

If you’re heading out to shop till you drop, with low frequency emotions, then this is what you are exposing yourself too:

  • No convenient parking spaces
  • Misinformed, inexperienced sales associates
  • Long lines, crowded stores, and rude customers
  • Overpriced merchandise 
  • Being at the wrong place at the wrong time
  • Stores don’t have the gifts you’re shopping for.    

I can guarantee something. If you leave home feeling crabby and arrive to the shopping mall crabby, you will attract every negative person within a ten-mile radius. The nonphysical low frequency signal that you sent prior to your shopping experience is now waiting for you to arrive so that it can magnetize other crabby, people with a similar low frequency to YOU! That old fruitcake sounds pretty good right now, doesn’t it?


Because of the retail horror stories, I’ve lived through, I can appreciate the art of being an extraordinary customer. This intention always brings me great customer service and amazing, polite salespeople. I am grateful for the work the stores and restaurants put into making my shopping or dining experience pleasurable and with this Attitude of GLAD-itude I continue enjoying a BUT-Free Holiday.

On the rare occasion someone is grumpy with me, instead of taking it personally I say something empathetic such as; “Long day?” or something light-hearted like, “I’ll bet you’ll be happy when this holiday season is over!” 


  • Do not leave your home with an Attitude of CRAB-itude.
  • Listen to cheerful music or eat something tasty before going out.
  • Amplify your Attitude of GLAD-itude.
  • Focus on lots of things that you’re grateful for.
  • Put yourself in the salesclerk’s shoes.
  • Above all else, be kind and sincerely connect with others.



  1. Get excited first and shop second.
  2. Focus only on what you do want, instead of what you don’t want. (Example: “Visualize short lines, big discounts, and extraordinary service)
  3. The people assisting you have a name. If they’re not wearing a name tag, ask them what their name is and be sure use it.
  4. Wear a genuine smile and make eye contact, it shows respect.
  5. Appreciate the clerks and servers assisting you and let them know that you do.
  6. Notice all things around you that make your life easier. (Example: store signage, discounts, free gift wrapping, baby-sitting services, parking attendants, added security, music, valet parking, policemen directing traffic, longer store hours for your convenience and the fact that stores put the Christmas merchandise out in October so that you can get a jump start)


Excitement and enthusiasm are hi-frequency attributes that design a happier destiny for you. Here are a few declarations that you can print out and use before you hit the stores, visit family or fly the friendly skies this holiday season.

Universe: Please orchestrate rock store parking everywhere I go.

Universe: Put me in the right place at the right time for the best results.

Universe: Bring me the happiest, most uplifting salespeople.

Universe: Help me find fabulous gifts for everyone on my list.

Universe: Shower me with love, ease, light, and joy!

Universe: Allow the kindness I radiate to others, come back to me and those I love.

Enjoy these helpful tips to create your own, BUT-Free Holidays. Until next month remember to keep your thoughts, feelings, and frequencies high, fast, and pure so that you can Unlock the Universe Within!

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