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Prosperity consciousness is not about money. It’s about being in an emotionally rich frame of mind. Or better stated, a rich frame of heart.

There are only two kinds of thoughts. Rich thoughts and poor ones. Good feeling thoughts are rich. Negative thoughts are poor. The better we feel, the richer our frequency. When we are negative, we dip into poverty frequencies.

Recently I flew across country. The trip presented itself, I created the space for it, and batted out as many rich feelings into the Universe I could. Mentally, I knew I’d be squeezing a week of work into three days. Instead of feeling stressed about it, I chose to flow rich thoughts forward first, so I could reap the happy manifestations later. The point is: I chose to feel good.  I felt good on purpose because I wanted a rich trip. Meaning, a fruitful trip that lifted my heart.

Sounds over the top I know, but stick with me. It gets better. I played with rich energy over and over for the joy of it. I journaled with it, I even put my happy ass in a chair and doodled cartoons of stick figures blissfully bouncing along in an animated universe of happily-ever-after moments.

The night before my departing flight I went to bed later than expected, but I choose to continue flowing rich energy. My dear friend picked me up at 7 AM. We laughed through morning drive traffic, and…

I flowed rich energy.

My ticket was for economy. I approached the gate to see if I could afford an upgrade and was told, “There are no upgrades Sir.” I thanked the sales associate, and …

I flowed rich energy.

My airport breakfast was made with a chalky powder they called eggs. It was so bad, that salt, pepper nor Barbara Eden’s, I Dream of Jeannie character could make it taste good. I ate the bacon and toast.

I flowed rich energy.

Moments later, the dude in the bathroom stale near mine must’ve eaten the eggs because it sounded like a bomb had gone off – inside of him. I held my nose, washed my hands and…

I flowed rich energy.

My flight was moved to three different gates. Our plane was late boarding. When my group did board, three people cut in front of me.

I flowed rich energy.

When I gave the attendant my boarding pass. She scanned it three times and to my surprise, it was declined three times before she walked away from me. I clinched my butt muscles, but…

I smiled and continued to flow rich energy from within.

The attendant came back, scanned my brand-new boarding pass. I thanked her. I boarded the plane and headed to seat, 15C only to see that my brand-new boarding pass had me reassigned to seat 2C, in First Class! A bolt of ridiculous, hi-frequency energy bolted through me!

Girl, lemme tell you something! I sat in first class and flowed the highest, richest, happiest, longest, purest, most appreciative thoughts that I’ve ever flowed during a trip in my life. Believe me when I say, joyous white light was shooting out of my heart. I was exploding with gratitude. I could hardly contain myself. There were rainbows, gallivanting fairies, and a few hysterically happy unicorns prancing around in my energy field. Why? Because I was so electrically charged with; you guessed it, rich energy.

I sat quietly in First Class and was well behaved, but my wealthy spirit, dancing unicorns, and beaming heart had expanded to the size of our solar system. My physical lump of fluffiness was perched real purdy-like in first class, but my invisible self, had merged perfectly with the unconditional love and joy of All That Is. I had not experienced that level of joy in a while. And it felt so, so, so good. And you know what?

It was easy. It was fun. And intentional. I choose happy thoughts for my travel dates, and had fun using my imagination, pretending, visualizing, intuition, and make-believing. I used these attributes to deliberately see, hear, and feel the best-case-outcome possible. And you know what? It paid off big!

Did you know that it’s actually a heck-of-a-lot easier to choose negative thoughts? Negative thinking is often our mental default setting, and if we don’t deliberately choose happier thoughts, we often drop back down to our negative beliefs.

Have heard this joke? “How did the kid make it all the way to Carnegie Hall?” The answer, “He practiced, practiced, practiced.”

Regardless of where you’re going, what you’re doing, or who you’re seeing, practice choosing rich thoughts before you leave the house. Practice happy thoughts while at work, and practice joyful thoughts in all areas of your life. Practice, practice, practice rich thoughts hourly. After you’ve done this for a while, sat back, eat your Wheaties, take your vitamins, and fasten your seat belt in preparation for richer, happier life! And, until we meet again, remember to keep your thoughts, feelings and frequencies high, fast, and pure so that you may unlock the Universe within!

With Great Appreciation,


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