Holiday Greetings — December

Avoiding Holiday CRAB-itude

For 25 years I’ve worked in retail. The day after Thanksgiving I’d start the holidays, enduring long hours, little pay and no appreciation from mean customers barking rude orders. Occasionally I was the smiling sales clerk that wanted to make a ten foot Christmas tree disappear into the customer in front of me, followed by, “Would you like a fruitcake with that tree?”

Everyone should work with the public at least one holiday season as a sales clerk or waiting tables. The experience would be enlightening. Then once we had earned our retail wings by doing time in retail Hell and restaurant Hades, we could be honored with the luxury of becoming a great customer.

After that experience we would not be a normal customer screaming, "Where are the Chia-Pets®?" Instead we'd be an extraordinary, polite consumer whom salesclerks would fight-over to wait on.

There are two volumes of beliefs creating our lives; they are Hi-Frequency and Low Frequency. When our frequency is high, we attract good things, when it’s low we attract negative things.

The Dark Side

The dark side isn't about the Grinch's deviant elves forcing a spiked Eggnog colonic on you or your great auntie Gertrude and her mustache, tongue kissing you. It's worse! If you're shopping with a low frequency, expect no parking, inexperienced sales associates, long lines, crowded stores and rude customers.

If you leave home crabby and arrive to the mall crabby, you’ll attract every negative person within a ten-mile radius. Why? Because the low frequency signal you sent prior is now magnetizing people to you that have similar negativity! That old fruitcake sounds pretty sexy right now, doesn't it?

Six BUT-Free Shopping Cures

  • Get excited first. Shop second.
  • Wear a smile. Make eye contact, it shows respect.
  • Let servers know you appreciate them.
  • Focus on what you do want (short lines, nice people, etc)
  • People assisting you have a name, be sure to use it.
  • Notice things making your shopping easier. (Store signage, discounts, valet, etc)

Creating Holiday GLAD-itude

Because of the retail horror stories I've lived, I appreciate being an extraordinary consumer because it brings me great customer service and amazing, polite sales people. On the rare occasion someone is grumpy with me, instead of taking it personally I say something empathetic such as, "Long day” or "I'll bet you'll be happy when this holiday season is over?"

I’m grateful for the hard work stores and restaurants put into making my shopping or dining experience pleasurable, and with this Attitude of GLAD-itude I will continue enjoying more Hi-Frequency Holidays and I’m sure you will too.

And, until we meet again, remember to keep your thoughts, feelings and frequencies high, fast and pure to that you may, Unlock the Universe Within!

With Appreciation,





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