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June Greetings 2016

A Southern Fried Psychic in Los Angeles

In the spring of 2004, I wrote and published, Kicking the Big BUT Syndrome®. I was thrilled with its success, original content, and cheeky cover. Twelve years later I’ve decided to change the cover and refresh the title. Since its initial release, people still ask me why I wrote it. My answer. I believe in this subject matter creates fantastic results.

 I first realized the Big BUT Syndrome was an epidemic as a result of doing Soul Intuitive readings for 25 years. Since 1990, I’ve noticed contradictions in my client’s energy when they talked about their love, money, and careers. It turns out that it’s a very rare person that can speak their desires without contradicting them. Aristotle said it best, “Don’t doublespeak.” Meaning, don’t talk about what you do want and what you don’t want in the same sentence.

When we doublespeak, our desires are canceled out by our negative beliefs. When we speak about our desire for money, and follow that desire with a negative belief that we don’t have enough money, we, in that exact moment have contradicted our monetary desires. And guess where that puts us? Right back where we started from. Stuck. In the rut. Of the Big BUT Syndrome.

I’m happy to repackage this material because it has made me, and others aware of our habitual contradictions, something I call, BUT-tradictions. Truth be told, there are Love-Buts, Career-Buts, Money-Buts, Body-Buts, and a heck-of-a-lot-more BIG BUTS out there roaming the planet, each waiting to block or stop your heart felt desires. Instead of combing the Universe for every single BIG BUT out there, A Southern Psychic’s Guide to Fixin’ the BIG BUT Syndrome® will simply focus on your love, money, and career.

I’ve been obsessed with metaphysics, spirituality, and the law of attraction since I was old enough to run barefooted and gnaw on a good hunk of fatback. Because I’m psychic, I also love the paranormal, the subconscious mind, and our human energy fields. I have pulled from each of these categories and wrapped everything I’ve researched about BIG BUTS into a cozy blanket of humor, and lightheartedness.

Why this approach? Because I have been to seminars and studied self-help books that are too serious for my attention span. The heavier the material felt to me, the harder it was for me to retain it. If I couldn’t retain it, I wasn’t inspired to use it. For me, the better I feel about something, the more likely I am to apply it and get results from it.

So guess what? A Southern Psychic’s Guide to Fixin’ the BIG BUT Syndrome® is deliberately light, animated, and simple — because simple is powerful.

It’s been twenty-one years since I landed in the City of Angels and built my new life here. I still have a strong southern drawl that pushes the boundaries of single syllable words. I eat collard greens, cheese grits, biscuits, and fat-back with gravy, and I’m warmly referred to as, A Southern Psychic in L.A., which is why the new book will be titled, A Southern Psychic’s Guide to Fixin’ the BIG BUT Syndrome®.

I used to be embarrassed by my southern roots, meager upbringing, and twang. Not anymore. I long sense realized that each of us are born to bring something unique to this buffet we call life. Some of use bring good old fashion southern cooking, some of us bring the world’s finest caviar and expensive champagne and others, international delinquencies. It doesn’t matter what we bring, as long as we join each other at the buffet coming from a place of love. On that note, will you please pass the mashed taters and gravy?

And remember, until we meet again, keep your thoughts, feelings, and frequencies high, fast and pure so that you can, unlock the Universe within!

With BUT-Free Blessings,


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