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How would it be to know, without a doubt, that you could create any environment you want for yourself, just by working with the purest essence of the Universe? Wouldn’t it be exciting if you knew there were spirit guides that are available, anytime at all, to you alone? Would it change the way you think about things to know that there are angels dedicated to nothing more than helping you learn the life lessons you came to Earth to learn? It certainly changed Eddie Conner’s life when he was shown all these things, and more!

Like many people, Eddie had a rocky start in this world. He couldn’t change his environment in rural North Carolina, as a child, so he decided to change the way it affected him. His willingness to seek meaning in the adversity resulted in his being shown the Light of spiritual guidance. Through trial and error, Eddie learned to stand in that light, and to believe what it showed him. And it is this that he shares with everyone that comes to a workshop, a class or a private psychic reading.

Eddie’s ability to hear and see his spirit guides and angels enables him to tap into the “Higher Energies” of the Universe. Even better, he reminds us that this gift is available to us all. He helps us find ways to disperse the clouds of confusion that swirl between us and our divine Truths.

In 1995 Eddie was invited to the West Coast to be a guest at a major radio station. The public response was so overwhelming, Eddie was asked to move to California and host a show of his own. In the face of this exciting opportunity, Eddie did what he always did, he consulted his guides. To his vast delight, his wants and his guidance agreed this time. This was what he was intended to do. With a full heart he went home to fulfill some previous obligations, sell everything he owned, and move to the other side of the country.

When Eddie got back to Los Angeles, the radio station had undergone internal changes and the job he came to fill no longer existed.

At first, Eddie was devastated. He forgot all about “Divine Plan” and things being in “Perfect Order”. All he knew was that he had dreams, and Los Angeles was now part of them, and he didn’t want to give them up.

In the face of this disappointment, Eddie could have gone home, told his story and gotten plenty of sympathy and support as he stepped back into the comfort and safety of his old environment.

The best example of Eddie’s life philosophy in action, is what he chose to do instead: He began with his belief that nothing is ever an accident, no matter how random it seems. He knew that he had asked for guidance every step of the way, and it had never failed him yet. So, he decided that no matter how this situation looked from the outside, there must be inner harmony with his life plan, he just needed to find it…

… and what he found was, an entire city full of people, hungry to hear the message he knows to be true. Because Eddie is always learning and growing himself, he continually fine-tunes his techniques. That is what Eddie has to teach us, ‘Practical Spiritual Living’.

“Our past is the photograph of where we have been, what we have learned from it creates the roadmap to our future, but the gift of our life is today… that’s why it’s called the present.”

Eddie Conner

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October Greetings

Defining Miracles

Often, we hear the word, “miracle” used in ways that seem unattainable to the average person. For example, “It’s a miracle she won the lottery, three times!” or, “Can you believe Dan single-handedly created world peace on his lunch break and still had time to save that puppy from a burning building – what a miracle.” In actuality the word, “miracle,” means, a higher shift in perception. Marianne Williamson says, “A miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love – from a belief in what is not real, to faith in that which is. That shift in perception changes everything.” Simple, right? Not so much. Humans have a bad habit of complicating things. We over think more than peacefully focusing on our heart’s desires. As adults, we seldom allow our intuition to guide our lives. Over time we ditched our gut instinct and replaced it with numbly pressing forward in our daily grind. As children, we had pure perception. Why? As children, our intuitive umbilical cords were still directly connected to our inner guidance system which allowed us to uninhibitedly sing our heartfelt desires and imaginings loud and proud to the Universe and world at large. Our perceptions were more joy-based. That was our natural state, until we were trained out of it.


As a kid, my grandma talked a lot about Heaven. I mean, every-single-day-from-sun-up-to-sun-down. Heaven was a place I would never see in the afterlife because, according to her I was a sinning, certified sissy and evidently Jesus did not love me or my kind. Like, at all. But that’s a story for another time. I left home at 18, and began learning how the spiritual world worked for me instead of against me. I also learned how-to direct my conscious and subconscious mind towards wellness instead of worry. Love instead of fear. During this same time, I was taught the word, “heaven” actually meant, expanded consciousness. Expanded consciousness is when we allow our higher self to harmoniously blend and flow within us like we did as children. Even our physical bodies are nearly 100% nonphysical energy. Which means each time we choose to be in a higher state of consciousness we’re in the universes’ flow, instead of feeling like we are pushing that preverbal boulder up the side of Mount Everest to attain it.


We can experience our heaven-self by doing things that feel good to us. For example, when we feel and express joy we are, “in that moment” living our personalized heaven on earth. These simple moments can feel miraculous. All it takes to create miracles is a little-bit-of-good-old-fashion-practice. Just as we have practiced thinking thoughts about worry and fear over the years, we can simply flip the script now and start practicing upgraded thoughts of happiness and love. Just for fun, consider reciting as many happy, expanded thoughts as possible. See how many new, elevated thoughts you can harness. Pay attention. Feel your consciousness elevating higher and higher. After you’ve done this exercise a few dozen times you’ll start to feel a clear difference between your old fear-based thoughts and your brand new, love-based thoughts.


Most spiritual students know Napoleon Hill’s famous words, “Thoughts are things.” I sincerely believe that we create our realities one thought, one feeling, one breath, and one action at a time. Keep in mind, the Universe is simple. It says, “yes” to whatever thought we are vibrating. Every second. Waking or sleeping. We are perpetually sending signals from within, to the Universe and back again. Here’s a fun question, are your thoughts and feelings most pure when you’re awake, or asleep? The answer is, when you’re asleep. WTH! Seriously? Absolutely – when you’re asleep your thoughts and feelings are more pure. While sleeping you release all resistance and negativity. You are in essence, swimming in source energy. While snoozing, you are living in the heart of the Universes’ unconditional love. We can experience this same bliss while awake too. Having these elevated experiences while moving through our daily routine is an authentic, game-changer. I know from personal experience. Can you say, “Clean up on aisle eight?”


Anyone can have miraculous experiences, simply by directing their perceptions from fear to love. I know from four decades of spiritual practice, that miracles are not just a once in a lifetime experience reserved for diehard religious martyrs. Sorry Grandma – but it’s true. Marianne Williamson sums up this essay with: “Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love. When you choose to love, you choose to work miracles.” When you feel love, you are radiating miracles. Choose love as many times a day as you can. Share love. Hold love. Shine love. Express love. Radiate love. Be love. Love the miracle you naturally are. Relax into your personal heaven on earth. Send love forward into every, single area of your life right now – right this minute. I will if you will. And, until we meet again, always remember to keep your thoughts, feelings and frequencies high, fast and pure so that you can Unlock the Universe Within!

With Appreciation Always,


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