Greetings — January

My theme for 2015 is “Doing the Work, Works!” I first realized this in 2008 and I’ve noticed when I consistently do the work, I consistently get results. By work, I don’t mean struggling for hardship sake. I’m referring to working the spiritual principles and metaphysical teachings that uplift our lives.

The Work Works if we actually do it. Scientists say it takes 21 days to change an old program into a new program. Have you wondered why each New Year we announce our declarations with great vigor only to fall off the resolution wagon before the end of January? It’s important to point out that reading a self-help book, attending seminars or watching the Secret doesn’t guarantee we’re automatically doing the work. We have to actually do “the Work” for “the Work” to work.  The best way to do this is to make doing the work fun – which is my favorite way to learn.

Why do we easily stray from the yellow brick road of our goals? Stress is often a contributing factor. Not enough time and not lining up enough pure energy before we take action is another. If you’re like me you’ll go to the gym or the movies only after you get everything else done, only to realize that we never get “everything else done?”

To retrain my old programs into new, hi-frequency results, I’m reforming my former, 2008 mastermind partnership with some of my best friends. We’ve agreed that when we stray away from the resolution of the Work Works methodology, we’ll gently steady each other back into balance.

I encourage you to form a mastermind alliance with your friends. Meet at least once a month and see for yourself that the Work Works! Seeing your dreams becoming a reality is a wonderful way to create a miraculous 2015.

Wishing you the happiest New Year ever!





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