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September Greetings 2016

Twenty-one years ago my life miraculously changed forever. It was September 1995. I was working as a Visual Marketing Designer dressing mannequins and doing design work for department stores in North Carolina. After work, I was teaching dance, and had been for fifteen years. I also entertained across the southeastern U.S. When I was not doing these things, I was doing psychic readings and studying the paranormal world. Looking back today, I realize that it was the vibration of love that created my miracle change.

Back then, each day was filled with exciting and different artistic challenges. I was always in motion and thrilled with my life. I was happy, but I could feel my professional life floating away as my intuition lifted me to higher ground. That higher ground was visiting Los Angeles for ten days in September of 1995.

Once in L.A., I stayed at the fabulous Safari Motor Inn in downtown Burbank. I saw Malibu, ate an early dinner by the beach, hiked the cliffs, drove along PCH, went to The Jay Leno Show, and met my first world famous celebrity. From there, I did psychic readings on STAR 98.7 FM. I was completely smitten with joy and happiness.

There were moments when I pinched myself on that trip. I wondered, “Could this be happening?” and if it was, “How did these unbelievable things come to me?”

As soon as these questions entered my mind I heard, or rather, felt the answer. I loved the spiritual realm. I have since I was old enough to walk. I had studied it my whole life and many times it was my angels that held space for me when the earth plane did not. Then, I felt the essence of these questions answered more simplistically.

“Love.” That was it. That was the answer I heard.

It was my love of the nonphysical that attracted all of those miraculous experiences. Once reminded of this fact, all the other pieces of that trip clicked into place. Which brings me back to a basic lesson.

When we do what we love, the Universe brings us beautiful opportunities. The love I’m speaking of is deep. Pure. It lives in us. This love vibrates at a pleasant, perpetual frequency. It’s an unconditional obsession. It’s the heart of our soul’s purpose.

I have always been in love with the nonphysical essence of All That Is. It rules me to the core of my being. Every thought, feeling, and conversation I’ve ever had has led me back to my connection to this spiritual realm that eternally guides me. The realm that makes all of our dreams come true.

My question for you is, “What do you love more than anything else? What rules you to the core of your inner being? What brings you joy? What topics rule your heart and soul? Why?”

Play with the answers. Go deep into the core essence of what it is that you still love and adore. Cultivate what you appreciate. Activate what brings you the greatest joy. Go back and review moments in your past when you did things you loved.

Lastly, take inventory of how moments of pure love opened doors for you and changed your life for the better.

With Love and Appreciation,


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