Greetings — July 2015

When I was a kid, I asked lots of questions. Well, that’s not really true — I started out asking, then realized being curious was a bad thing in our trailer, and at school, at church, and especially at Grandma’s house. My curiosity quickly became taboo; actually it was outlawed.

Back then; I wanted to know why bad things happened to good people, why some people could see angels while others could not, and why certain people were happy and others sad? Each heartfelt inquiry was met with a hard look or a pop up-side-the-head, and sometimes, both.

At night, after saying prayers and while lying in my bed waiting to fall asleep I’d ask my angels and spirit guides the same questions the adults didn’t have the patience or knowledge to answer. Once in a while, Momma would softly walk down the hallway in our mobile home and catch me, “talking to myself.”

She’d affectionately say, “Edward, you’re my weird child aren’t you?” I would say, “Yes Ma’am.”

I learned more conversing with beings of light each night than I did in a year of structured education. I kept this connection until my late teens, when it disappeared, or so I thought. But it resurfaced in my early twenties.

My connection to spirit reopened because I was going through turmoil and it was the first time in my adult life that I actively pursued my curiosity about all things psychic, spiritual and metaphysical.

In other words, out of being deeply curious about the hard knocks and unfairness I was living at the time — I reverted back to asking powerful, burning questions. And, you know what? The more questions I got answered the more curious I became. I believe “being curious” and “asking better questions” are woven together like peanut butter and jelly.

In my DVD, Living the Hi-Frequency Life I speak about asking better questions. For years I’ve taught the importance of our being curious enough to ask empowering questions. Thank goodness for my curiosity because it fueled my pure determination to understand how we create our realities.

And as a result I’ve been fortunate to professionally ask my spirit guides, guardian angels and my higher self, questions about life, love and even about the bumpy road of just, being human.

I encourage you to use your innate curiosity to ask your true-self loving questions. Go deep. Explore the universe within your heart, mind and soul. Expand your perception, reach for the stars and share your newfound knowledge with other curious beings – it’s fun!!!!

With Appreciation,


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