Eddie Conner

How would it be to know, without a doubt, that you could create any environment you want for yourself, just by working with the purest essence of the Universe? Wouldn’t it be exciting if you knew there were spirit guides that are available, anytime at all, to you alone? Would it change the way you think about things to know that there are angels dedicated to nothing more than helping you learn the life lessons you came to Earth to learn? It certainly changed Eddie Conner’s life when he was shown all these things, and more!

Like many people, Eddie had a rocky start in this world. He couldn’t change his environment in rural North Carolina, as a child, so he decided to change the way it affected him. His willingness to seek meaning in the adversity resulted in his being shown the Light of spiritual guidance. Through trial and error, Eddie learned to stand in that light, and to believe what it showed him. And it is this that he shares with everyone that comes to a workshop, a class or a private psychic reading.

Eddie’s ability to hear and see his spirit guides and angels enables him to tap into the “Higher Energies” of the Universe. Even better, he reminds us that this gift is available to us all. He helps us find ways to disperse the clouds of confusion that swirl between us and our divine Truths.

In 1995 Eddie was invited to the West Coast to be a guest at a major radio station. The public response was so overwhelming, Eddie was asked to move to California and host a show of his own. In the face of this exciting opportunity, Eddie did what he always did, he consulted his guides. To his vast delight, his wants and his guidance agreed this time. This was what he was intended to do. With a full heart he went home to fulfill some previous obligations, sell everything he owned, and move to the other side of the country.

When Eddie got back to Los Angeles, the radio station had undergone internal changes and the job he came to fill no longer existed.

At first, Eddie was devastated. He forgot all about “Divine Plan” and things being in “Perfect Order”. All he knew was that he had dreams, and Los Angeles was now part of them, and he didn’t want to give them up.

In the face of this disappointment, Eddie could have gone home, told his story and gotten plenty of sympathy and support as he stepped back into the comfort and safety of his old environment.

The best example of Eddie’s life philosophy in action, is what he chose to do instead: He began with his belief that nothing is ever an accident, no matter how random it seems. He knew that he had asked for guidance every step of the way, and it had never failed him yet. So, he decided that no matter how this situation looked from the outside, there must be inner harmony with his life plan, he just needed to find it…

… and what he found was, an entire city full of people, hungry to hear the message he knows to be true. Because Eddie is always learning and growing himself, he continually fine-tunes his techniques. That is what Eddie has to teach us, ‘Practical Spiritual Living’.

“Our past is the photograph of where we have been, what we have learned from it creates the roadmap to our future, but the gift of our life is today… that’s why it’s called the present.”

Eddie Conner


March 2024 Greetings

Birds of a Feather, Coffee Together

For thirty years I’ve taught, law of attraction workshops with an emphasis on, creating fun ways to keep our thoughts, feelings, and frequencies high, fast, and pure. The reason? The better our thoughts feel, the better quality of life we create. Recently a friend inquired about, “feeling frequencies.” Asking me, “What’s so important about keeping my personal thoughts pure?” Over coffee, I answered his question with, “Our stand-alone thoughts have no power unless we harmonize pure feelings with them. Thoughts are soulless”, I explained. “Our feelings animate our thoughts, bringing them to life.” That began a conversation with my friend, under the trees on a perfect day. Abraham says, “The law of attraction acknowledges the vibrational frequency of all things physical and not. This law orchestrates all vibrational frequencies. Every aspect of our lives, seen and unseen has a frequency.” As spiritual beings, our inner work is to intentionally solidify our thoughts with feel good emotions. Emotions are the most powerful ingredient in the alchemic recipe for creating our desires. Which is why, keeping our thoughts pure is important. The purer our thoughts and feelings are, the easier it is for the Universe to pour its unconditional love to us, and through us. The longer we’re able to hold happy feelings in our solar plexus, the more proof we get that choosing happier thoughts, creates a better quality of life. My favorite teaching from Abraham is, “Never forget. You are the same energy that holds the sun, the moon and the stars in the sky in perfect proximity to each other. You are not just some pettily little leftover energy, nebulously banging around out in the Universe. You are the energy that creates worlds.” Let’s revisit my friend’s question, “What’s so important about keeping my thoughts pure?” When our thoughts are pure, we are in the Universe’s flow. Things become easier. Life becomes synchronistic. The higher our thoughts are, the purer the emotions associated with said thoughts. For example, artists, musicians, dancers, writers and actors are my favorite people to do psychic readings for because, they are used to intentionally holding their thoughts and visions for a desired outcome. It’s in their nature.

What We Think, We Create

Before I became a full-time, Soul Intuitive and moved my happy ass across the country from North Carolina to Los Angeles, I was a visual marketing designer, dancer, artist and entertainer. Creative people use their imaginations and third eye visions more than noncreative people. I know this because, I read for creative and noncreative clients. Back in the day, I would visualize an entire choreographed routine before stepping in the dance studio. I felt the energy of that dance in my solar plexus. Once I added the music, I reimagined the dance over and over, until I felt the passion in my body that I wanted my students to experience with the routine. Then, and only then, would I teach them the choreography I had already lived, and relived, at least a hundred times or more. I used my thoughts and feelings the same way while working in department stores, dressing mannequins and doing window displays. I pictured each physical component in my mind before designing the windows. I used my thoughts and feelings in unison. I sketched out my ideas for the windows in my art pad, then mixed-and-matched outfits and props to see what aesthetically looked and felt best with the clothing brands. I had trained myself to think-and-feel-good, to see-and-feel-good, and to act-and-feel-good about what I was creating. I held pictures in my mind and felt the end-result of those pictures in my gut. Essentially, I married my happy thoughts and feelings inside my solar plexus. I did this every day, all day. It was my job to think and feel the highest thoughts possible, then manifest those thoughts and visions in real time, in the dance studio, and in the store front windows. And, I got paid to do it. Unbeknownst to me at the time, I was learning to habitually hold, harness, and deliberately direct my feel-good thoughts forward, to create what I did want, instead of what I did not want. That’s worth repeating. As a creative sensitive, I learned to harness and intentionally direct my pure energy to the outcome I most wanted. I did this out of habit and because this process sang to my inner guidance system. And, it still does.

What We Feel, We Attract

The basic truth is, that we all think thoughts. We have feelings based on those thoughts. Before knowing that our thoughts created our realities, we mostly, just shot out half-cocked thoughts and sloppy feelings, before getting clear about what we wanted. Most of those thoughts were unconscious, and they ran us. Think of it like this; the more negative and unfeeling our thoughts were, the rougher our life usually got. The more pure thoughts and feelings we experienced, the more synchronistic our life was. Throughout life, we’ve inadvertently practiced negative thoughts. Now, we can flip those negative scripts, into brand-new, positive feeling scripts. Honestly, that’s the extend of it. We can simply choose happier thoughts, on-purpose. After an hour of rich conversation, the sun had shifted above the clouds, causing the trees to cast a glimmering silhouette over my friend and I. The sun’s light matched our enthusiasm perfectly. My friend stretched his body, his arms reaching toward the sky, and said, “So, my stand-alone thoughts have no power?” “Exactly!”, I smiled. He continued, “Thoughts are lifeless.” He paused, his eyes looking toward the sky, contemplating. “And, my feelings animate my thoughts,” his sentence sounding more like a question than statement. “Yes,” I answered. Smiling, watching him connect the dots. Grinning, he said, “I believe I finally understand this law of attraction thing.” Sipping the last of his coffee, he continued, “I think a thought. I hold that thought and dress it all up with all kinds of beautiful-feeling-costumes.” I nodded my head, laughing at the image of him dressing-up his thoughts, all purdy-like, for a night out on the town. He was smiling from ear to ear, “I amplify the thoughts I think, with even better feelings. Right?” “Absolutely!” I said, the two of us high-fiving. “That’s the best description I’ve ever heard,” I told him. Still wrapping my brain around the image of taking thoughts and dressing them up in rich emotions. “What a fantastic idea,” I said. He laughed, “That’s what I’m here for!”

What We Imagine, We Become

My entire adult life, I’ve taught spiritual principles in innovative ways, to help keep my client’s thoughts as pure as possible, and, for as long as possible. In one coffee date, I learned a new way to teach my favorite subject. I never thought about dressing my thoughts. If we feel better when we get dressed up, imagine how much better our lives would become by dressing up our vocabulary too? We could make even the simplest thought, feel beautifully adorned in emotionally, luxurious attire. It’s important to practice new ways to flow pure energy. Whatever it takes to stay connected to our personal source, is all that matters. Speaking of aligning with energy, we can’t forget that we are the same energy that holds the sun, the moon and the stars in the sky in perfect proximity to each other. Despite what we’ve been taught since childhood, about who or what we are, the divine truth is that we are not just some pettily little leftover energy, nebulously banging around out in the Universe. We are the energy that creates worlds. Did you hear that? We are the energy that creates worlds! We are pure, positive energy. Which means, it’s easier than ever before, to think pure thoughts, adorn those thoughts with stunning feelings and deliberately create the life we most want. And honestly, all we have to remember, is to keep our thoughts, feelings, and frequencies high, fast and pure so that we can Unlock the Universe Within. With Love Always, Eddie

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