Greetings — November

While in NC I realized I lost my business checkbook. I’d last seen it five days earlier, some 90-minutes from Momma’s house. Of course I realized this only five hours before my flight left for LAX.

I managed to stay calm while dismantling my luggage. I held an intention that, “all is well” while combing my bedroom, closet, rental car and Momma’s home. I then mentally backtracked every place I’d been on my trip with the goal of staying focused on how good I would feel when I found it. From there I started contacting the places I’d been – still nothing.

The clock ticked down and I still had to shower, gas the car, hit the post office and run inside the rental car office to give the Manager and my sales associate a thank you card for their amazing customer service. I smiled thinking about how Terrika had upgraded me from an economy car to a luxury, red convertible sports car.

While gushing over Terrika, it intuitively hit me – my checkbook was at the hotel in Durham. I immediately recalled Angel at the front desk there. She was patient and kind, in that heartfelt way that I appreciate.

I thought about the number of people that’d been in and out of my hotel room in the last week. This thought made me nervous. I quickly changed my nervous thoughts to feelings of how much I appreciated Angel and Terrika’s kindness as I dialed the Comfort Inn, and guess who answered the phone?

“Hi Angel,” I said giving her my name and old room number. “I stayed there Friday night and…”

She finished my sentence. “…and you left your checkbook here - right?”

“YES Ma’am!” I said, glancing at Momma who was grinning as much as me.

Angel continued, “We’ve been trying to reach to you but had no luck. If I hadn’t heard from you by 5:00 today I was going to mail your checkbook to you.

I thanked her, “I’m driving through Durham on the way to the airport and I’ll save you the trouble.”

“Well, “I’ll see you in a little bit,” she smiled.

“Yes Ma’am!” I hung up, beaming that it all came together. I looked at Momma, “I have a great life!” And without missing a beat she said, “That’s because you treat people the way you want to be treated Edward.”

Her compliment stopped me in my tracks. I smiled. Well, it is,” she said making her point. I hugged Momma. I couldn’t stop saying, “Thank you,” to the Universe while getting my things together. I made my errands, got thank you cards to Angel, the maid that found my checkbook, to Terrika and office manager at the rental office and still made my plane, with time to spare.

Looking back I realized it’s so much easier to “hold the end result feeling” I want first, instead of jumping to the “worst case scenario.” Its taken practice, but it’s been worth the wait because it just feels so good to feel good.

With Appreciation,





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