Greetings — August 2015

Ever felt overwhelmed with work? Papers piling up on your desk, phones ringing off the hook and it’s just you at the helm handling everything the best you can as the ship is sinking?

This still happens to me. While speaking with my friend Patti about this problem, we intuitively came up with a solution that’s helped us.

How many times have you called on angels, or spirit guides to watch over you or your loved ones? While talking to Patti, I clearly heard and sensed her guides suggest that she and I call on the Spirit of Organization to be with us during stressful workdays! Cool right?

These angelic beings suggested we call on the Spirit of Fluidity, the Spirit of Authentic Discipline, and the Spirit of a Job Well Done! And guess what? I’ve been playing with this guidance and it’s working great!

It’s fun having new tools in our psychic-spiritual toolbox giving us a happier approaches to work. I’m better at working with others than I am sitting at my desk pushing through bland paperwork, writing bills and adding more things to my Honey Do List! Since I’ve been calling on this, “Spirit Energy” I’ve felt otherworldly beings helping me to achieve my goals.

All of us are energy in action. Our intentions are energy too. We are forever sending energy forth in order to get things done. The problem is we usually send heavy, contradicted energy to our working environment first, and it meets us, then blocks our desires.

Wouldn’t it be better to feel good about our intentions so we don’t send mixed signals? Isn’t it a smarter choice to feel happy about having the extra Spirit of Organization by our sides so that we can produce great results?

Play with these energies for the joy of it. Pay attention to your feelings as you visualize the “Spirit of Organization,” and others working with you, not against you. We deserve the best.

The Universe is designed to uplift us, work with us, and inspire us with its love and light, and it can every single time, if we’ll just stop watering down our power.

With Sincere Appreciation,


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