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As a Soul Intuitive reading the energy governing our lives I understand how we sabotage our desires. The Law of Attraction is, that which is likened to itself is drawn. Have you ever wondered why the Universe doesn’t seem to deliver our desires every time we ask for them? If you’ve ever desired something and it didn’t manifest; you’ve experienced the Big BUT Syndrome phenomenon — The BUT SECRET. For example, let’s say you want a new job. Your thought-feelings might sound something like, “I want a new job BUT the economy is terrible.”

The Universe is unconditional love, bringing us perfect matches to every thought-feeling frequency we emanate. I think of it as living in a “Yes Universe”, because the Universe only says Yes.


Entertaining thoughts like, “I want a new job BUT this economy won’t support it” means we’re denying our desires with outnumbered negative beliefs. Here the Universe responds to us with,

Yes to new job.

Yes to our BUT.

Yes to bad economy.

Yes to the belief that we can’t have a new job, and

Yes to frustration that a new job’s not here.

There’s one desire for a new job followed with four opposing BUT-tradictions.

The mystery behind the Universe botching our desires isn’t the Universe at all; it’s our unconscious, accidental BUT Beliefs. Healing the Big BUT Syndrome happens by consistently thinking nourishing desires. Most adults think four or more negative BUT beliefs per single desire. Think of this as taking one step forward, five steps back.


Watering down our desires with convoluted beliefs is learned behavior. The truth is, we can just as easily unlearn them.

Healing this BUT-zilla habit insures wellness. A great Freedom Formula to unlearn our BUT beliefs is to think five or more desires with no BUT beliefs in them. Illustrated: “I want a new job paying top dollar with amazing benefits and friendly coworkers in a beautiful environment that promotes continued ease, joy and happiness in all aspects of my professional and personal life.”

In our Freedom Formula, we’ve dropped the BUT while focusing purely on our heartfelt desires. This new habit easily lifts the veil of mystery, empowering us to take greater responsibility for creating pure change in our lives.

Ultimately, the only real thing blocking our desires is an itty, bitty, teeny weenie thing called THE BUT SECRET.

With Appreciation,


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