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In the University of life, I’ve personally learned that whatever I fear most, I attract. Conversely, what I love most, I attract.

Like most people, I was raised to believe in the school of hard knocks. I was suited up in the same armor of negative beliefs my role models had experienced their whole lives. In my heart, I had an inner knowing, a feeling everything was going to be okay if I sincerely followed my Gut Brain and Heart Mind.

Growing up, my greatest fears were public speaking, living in poverty and being homeless. With the law of attraction, I’ve fallen flat on my face in public, been broke more times than I care to say; and homeless. A few times.  I don’t suggest you attract your greatest fears the way I did. Instead, you can learn to gently flip your fear frequency from a poverty mentality to a prosperity consciousness.

Speaking of poverty, in his book, "It's Up to You," Ernest Holmes wrote, "The word 'poverty' usually conveys to our minds the idea of a money shortage, but actually the word means the lack of any good thing. Poverty is the very antithesis of abundance, and abundance of good is necessary to human happiness."


Study your fears. Observe them in a light-hearted manner. Approach your fears slowly and gently, creating a dialogue with them. Upon studying your fears in a hi-frequency capacity you’ll truly begin to see and feel them getting smaller and having less of a negative hold on you.

For every single negative belief pattern, there are thousands of positive aspects of that belief. For example, I feared public speaking. The negative aspect was that I’d fall on my face while a few of the positive aspects were that I might help someone on their spiritual path, I would expand my consciousness, and hopefully uplift others. My desire for others to feel good always outweighed my fear of speaking in public. In a sense, I had the specific fear of public speaking, but it was outweighed by all the pure positive things that came out of each public engagement.

Today much of my income comes from public speaking. Writing this I realize for the first time that I’ve addressed audiences in North and South America, Mexico, and The Far East for over twenty-five years.

I’ve eliminated the fear of public speaking by focusing on my desire to elevate others through humor, metaphysical principles, and law of attraction techniques. I eliminated my fear of being homeless by living a principle I’ve heard Abraham-Hicks say for years, “Begin flowing pure, positive energy to what you Do Want instead of what you Don’t Want.” Simple, right?


I don’t have a consistent income, and I don’t work a regular 9 to 5 job. For over two decades I’ve worked consistently at what I love regardless of where our economy stands. I am very clear that my deepest, heartfelt desire is to be of service. This being of service outweighs my old fears, causing me to live more and more of what I do want.

I understand we humans have an amazing capacity to endlessly talk about all the low-frequency reasons why we struggle with money, why we’re not happy, or why we don’t like our jobs. Like a broken record, we repeat, recite, and rehearse the same old fear based beliefs to ourselves and to the world, over and over again until we finally manifest them.

We don’t have to be a product of someone’s beliefs in order to live an enriched, happy life. We can create a fulfilling life by affirming our heartfelt desires. Observing beautiful things elevates us higher into self-love and further away from our fears.

In other words, learn to simply and purely focus on what you do want until you can feel it, sense it, and believe it to the core of your being.

And until we meet again, remember to keep your thoughts feelings, and frequencies high, fast, and pure so that you may unlock the Universe within.

With Great Appreciation,


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