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Money is freedom. Having it feels good and appreciating it brings us more. Money is a kick ass consciousness working to harmonize us with the prosperity we desire. It’s taken me 40 years to finally say, Money is my friend, playmate, and often, a great spiritual teacher.

I no longer kill myself to earn it, or worry myself sick about not having it. I’ve had a huge shift that changed my perspective about moolah. It was the awareness that, money is only part physical. It’s energy first, physical second. Just like you and I.

I knew this intellectually, but in the last five years the soul of monetary freedom took root inside my heart and woke me up. Which is great because I am a Soul Intuitive. I attune to my client’s nonphysical energy with the intention of bringing them peace of mind. As a third-generation psychic, I know everything is energy. Everything!

It was like my spirit guide screamed at me from the multidimensional realm, “Newsflash psychic boy, money is energy! Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!”

What does that mean? You are a soul first, physical second – just like money. Your soul is far beyond what your human eyes and ears can see and hear. Your soul knows all, senses all, and is All That Is. Abraham-Hicks would say, “You are the exact same energy that creates worlds.” Which means, the consciousness of money knows all, senses all, and is part of the great All That Is. It too is the exact same energy that creates worlds. Again, just like you.


Money is not a speaking thing or an action thing. It is not intellectual in nature. Money is a feeling frequency first. How we feel about money "or the lack of it" determines if, when, and how much of it we manifest into our lives. I’ve heard it said, we don’t get what we want, we get what we are.

Bob Proctor said. “Wants are intellectual in nature. Wants are in your conscious mind. You attract what you are in harmony with, what you are. And you are the sum total of your thoughts that become fixed in your subconscious mind. You’ve got to get the want and …plant it deep in the universal subconscious mind. That will then dictate the vibration you are in, and you can only attract energy to you that’s in harmonious vibration with you.”

Isn’t that simple and beautiful? We take our conscious wants, amplify them into happy feelings, then plant these feelings deep inside our subconscious mind so they take root and grow into a better, brighter, more prosperous reality.

It’s taken me awhile, but now it’s easier for me to flip my low-frequency thoughts into prosperity consciousness. I’ve learned to focus on what feels good. To talk about what is working. To mediate about feelings and things I am grateful for, and deliberately harmonize with beauty, miracles and freedom frequencies. Today my default thoughts are lovely and supportive, not the opposite.


Bob says, “Levels of vibration are called frequencies. Our mind and body function on frequencies. Just like your radio, it can only receive from the frequency it is operating on. If you are disturbed, if you are letting financials bother you, I guarantee you, as sure as it’s going to get dark outside tonight, you’re going to attract more problems. You can only attract what you are in harmony with.”

When it comes to the subject of money, what are you habitually in harmony with?

Abundance, lack, or just enough to pay your bills? When it comes to money, what is it that you Do Want to be in harmony with? Abundance, freedom, happiness, plenty, or wealth, to name a few?

I promise, it’s not that hard to shift from poverty thinking, to prosperity consciousness. It takes practice, but it’s so worth it. The better quality of life is one thing, but the best part about harmonizing with all things that feel good is, it literally changes every single, tiny, molecular facet of your life from the inside out.

You learn to consciously use your soul's love and strength to enhance your life. You become aware of wonderful people, places and circumstances around you. You realize you’re in sync with miracles and positive outcomes. You feel more relaxed and centered, and most of all you feel consistently happy and light – isn’t that nice? Don’t you love the way that sounds – and feels? Me too.

It’s been great connecting with you this month. I sincerely encourage you to have fun playing with the energy of money. Mediate on the rich feelings abundance and freedom bring. Do this for the fun of it and until we meet again, remember to keep your thoughts, feelings, and frequencies high, fast and pure so that you can, Unlock the Universe Within.

With Sincere Appreciation,




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