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May Greetings 2016

     Before leaving Los Angeles for Peru, I lined up my personal energy in a number of different ways to insure that our amazing group of 21 people have a blast, learn a lot, and use the energy of Machu Picchu to lift our frequencies even more high, fast, and pure. One of my favorite ways to align my person thoughts and feelings is by sending light.

I first learned how to send light from my friend, Barbara. We met working together in retail, and often talked about dreams and metaphysics before I was promoted to a new job in a neighboring city.

One day, Barbara was running an errand and had an impulse to stop by and see me at my new store. Her timing was perfect because I was seriously thinking of quitting my job right then. Sensing my stress, Barbara suggested I send waves of white light to upper management, the store, my office space, the employees, and everything around me.

“How do I send light?” I asked.

Barbara explained two methods. One approach is to simply visualize light surrounding the object you’re focused on. You can visualize sending light with your eyes open or closed. I do both. Whether you’re meditating, hiking, or sitting on an airplane you can send light.

The second way to send this healing energy is to visualize yourself bringing the light down from the Universe. As the light enters your Crown Chakra and penetrates your Heart Chakra, you can send the light out to your surroundings.

The first time I sent light I thought it was woo-woo. But I was desperate, and I’m thrilled to say that sending light works. Things got much better at the new job, I got clear about how I wanted to feel in my new position and what I wanted to experience daily - all while sending light.

I soon attracted an amazing managerial position in a new store, making more money, creating my own schedule, and beginning my writing career with the extra time I now had.

Sending light is especially good when you feel you can’t be objective about a person, place or situation. If the situation you’re dealing with gets too personal for you, take a step back and send light from your heart, mind, and soul. Get into the habit of doing this simple thing on a daily basis and you will easily see and sense how much better things seem to improve.

On that note, have a great week and I’ll drop you a line when I get back from South America.


My Best Always,


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