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July Greetings 2016

Laughter is one of the most healing gifts we posses. There is a reason situation comedies abound on national television, comediennes like Ellen Degeneres have hugely successful shows, and Jim Carrey has made $20 million a movie to make people laugh. Comedy clubs, plays, movies, radio stations, books, magazines, children’s games, and even traffic schools have chosen to add fun and amusing twists and turns to their formats. Why? Because they have discovered that when we are feeling good, we get more accomplished. Approaching important tasks from a hi-frequency perspective with tools like humor and laughter facilitates learning difficult tasks easily, increases productivity, and enhances our ability to live a longer, healthier life.

The other day, I heard a comedian say his only tool to survive growing up in the New York projects was to get the other kids to laugh at him or to laugh with him. This comic’s belief was that if you could get the bullies to laugh with you, they would be less likely to beat the crap out of you.

Laughing is an unpolluted hi-frequency action that raises our vibration and can raise the vibration of others around us. It simply feels good to laugh and feels better when others laugh with us. Laughing erases color lines, prejudices, hurts, heartaches, negative emotions, and even blame, to name a few.

Children laugh hundreds of times a day, while adults only laugh an average of five to seventeen times a day. Access that natural comedian/comedienne inside you, the one called your soulful, inner child, and give that animated aspect of you permission to tickle your funny bone. Make a conscious feel-good decision to lock into the aspects of your life that cause you to smile and laugh.

Start with a smile first. Smile with yourself before you leave for work in the morning. Direct your winning smile toward your co-workers and give out genuine healing smiles to people you don’t even know. Watch how contagious your smile feels and how a simple smile can raise your energetic vibration and then ripple out to the world.

After a few hours of sharing your smile, you will notice the caliber of person around you begins to change. Smiling often leads to pleasant exchanges of energy with others. Pleasant exchanges of energy lead to humor, and humor leads to laughter. Smiling, humor, and laughter will always create an enormous chain of synchronicity that enhances and enlightens our lives and the lives of others. Go ahead–smile!

Smile from the inside out. Think of something funny that lifts your thoughts to a lighthearted pitch. Can you remember a funny moment from the past that caused you to howl with laughter? A moment when you laughed so hard that the soda you were drinking flew out of your nose like an open fire hydrant valve on a hot summer day? Or a time you and your friends were laughing so hard that neither of you could catch your breath or say a word without starting a whole new avalanche of self-inflicted laughter again?

Treat yourself and share a smile with someone you love and care about. What better person to share your genuine smile with than YOU!

With Joy,


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